Fertility Counseling in Cincinnati.

Preconceptual Counseling

Fertility Counseling in Cincinnati

To give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy for you and baby, we will give you a thorough examination and answer any question you may have regarding conception pregnancy. Dr. Brenner has been helping women of all ages build their families with pre-conceptual fertility counseling in Cincinnati for over ten years. Some things to keep in mind to discuss on your visit should be:

  • Your age
  • Current health conditions
  • Current weight, diet and exercise habits
  • Any medications you are taking- including supplements
  • Natural ways to boost chances of conception
  • Ovulation and timing
  • Potential risks of pregnancy (such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, birth defects)
  • Vaccination history

By taking the time to prepare for pregnancy, you are increasing your chances of conception, having a healthy pregnancy, and hopefully, a healthy baby. There may be factors and issues you are not even aware of that Dr. Brenner and Associates may discuss with you as part of your preconception plan.

The following are some concerns to be aware of as you prepare to conceive:

  • Lifestyle – everything from eating and exercise habits can affect your pregnancy
  • Diet and nutrition – organic fruits, veggies, clean water, and lean protein should be your focus and a complete nutrition evaluation is recommended
  • Stability in your partner relationship or domestic situation (these factors can affect your pregnancy and health of your baby)
  • Past pregnancies and their outcomes (as a predictor of a what you may encounter with a new pregnancy)
  • Family medical history and current medical concerns
  • Preparation for a fertility evaluation (this applies more for older women and women with medical conditions that can affect chances of conception)
  • Willingness to undergo more aggressive fertility treatment if needed (age, environmental toxins, stress and other factors may warrant additional steps to increase chances of conception)

After a thorough examination and consultation, Dr. Brenner will define the best preconception plan tailored to your unique circumstances, to increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

If you feel the time is right and you and your partner are ready for this next stage of life, we can help you make that dream come true with the right information and preparatory care.