These guidelines are in place for the safety of both our patients and our staff, and they keep us compliant with recommendations and mandates from the state and federal agencies. These guidelines are effective during the global COVID-19 pandemic and will remain until further notice. They are to be followed strictly without exception.

Social Distancing of Patients

This office will make every effort to keep patients 6 feet apart at all times and minimize their exposure to our office, staff and other patients. This will be done through one-way traffic flow in our office and also a car waiting process. One-way traffic has been mapped out in the office and is marked off with ribbon, arrows, signs and floor Xs where patients may possibly have to wait behind another patient. Our lobby was reduced to 4 chairs and are 6 or more feet from each other and from where any patient may stand at the check-in window.

  • Patients will enter the lobby after being screened at their car (see car waiting & temp check protocol).
  • They will be taken directly to a private room via door 1 and move through the office escorted by staff along the one-way pathway to their designated room.
  • Upon departure, patients will be advised to follow the one-way pathway and exit to the lobby via door 2
  • They will go to the Check Out window for any appointment or purchase needs and then exit the building via the side entrance behind the front desk.
  • Only one person in a room with a patient at a time
  • Patients are encouraged to utilize the early check-in process through the appointment reminder email

Temperature Check and Screening

Each patient will follow the Car Waiting & Temp Check protocol. Patients coming to our office are required to have:

  • Temperature checked and under 99.0
  • Complete and sign the COVID-19 patient questionnaire
  • Wear a mask or face/nose covering
  • May not bring a visitor/guest

Each staff member will have their temperature checked prior to entering the work area and clocking in. Employees must be:

  • Temperature checked and under 99.0
  • Symptom free
  • Wear a mask

Mask Protocol

All persons entering the building must have a mask.

Cleaning protocol

All rooms and lobby spaces have been altered to remove upholstered furniture and ensure all services are able to be wiped down with proper cleaning supplies.

In-Person Visit and Telemedicine option

Effective May 4, 2020 we will be making health visits available in office for all providers on their normal schedule. These visits include:

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Consults & Lab Results
  • GYN problems
  • GYN annuals
  • GYN office procedures
  • Ultrasound
  • In-Office Procedures
  • Cosmetic Gynecology
  • Sexual Medicine therapies–P-Shot, O-Shot, PRP lichen, wave therapy, Votiva & Intima

We will work to phase in aesthetic treatments as guidelines are shared, but our first focus is on the health of our patients and being able to create safe processes and access to care. All patients will be offered in-office care and shared the appropriate precaution information.

However, we understand that these times are difficult and many patients may have concerns for being in public. Therefore, if a patient asks for a telemedicine option, throughout the month of May, we will continue to offer these few appointments when an exam is not necessary (such as, but not limited to: consultations, lab results, BHRT cream/injection follow-up visits).

Purchase by phone

  • In an effort to minimize time in our office for patients, we will continue to offer our patients phone purchases with office pick-up or mailing for the USPS fee.
  • Patients can continue to purchase your supplements or skincare through the SHOP on our website
  • Payment for many treatments will continue to be collected at the time of scheduling to minimize time at checkout.

Lobby closed to the Public

  • We are not accepting walk-ins, our lobby is currently closed
  • All labs and visits are done by appointment
  • Car Waiting process in place as stated above
  • Check-in window will be for insurance and ID card processing and payment collection if needed
  • Check-out window will be for additional purchases and scheduling future appointments
  • Both check-in & out windows will utilize their sliding glass partition to minimize direct contact with patients

Administrative support will be:

  • Our phones are open Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
  • You can also email us at
  • You can continue to purchase your supplements or skincare through the SHOP on our website or call us to purchase directly from our office and then pick-up at a scheduled time or at your office visit.
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