HCG Metabolic Reset Diet.

Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Program.

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The HCG Metabolic Reset Diet is a physician-supervised medical weight loss program that combines HCG hormone therapy with a restricted calorie diet. The HCG protocol consists of 3 distinct phases, each phase playing a vital role in success of the program.

While the HCG hormone does not necessarily make you lose weight, it does change how your body loses weight by creating a reaction in your body that allows for rapid weight loss. The carefully selected HCG Metabolic Reset Diet food list is responsible for your weight loss; while the HCG hormone allows your body to continue to burn fat when it would normally go into starvation mode under a calorie restricted diet.

There are three common reasons diet or weight loss programs fail.

how does the HCG metabolic reset diet work compared to other weight loss programs?

There are three common reasons diet or weight loss programs fail. Diets often leave you feeling constantly hungry and with a sense of fatigue/lack of energy. Caloric restriction on certain diets causes metabolism to decrease, thus as soon as you stop the “diet” you regain all of the weight. Plus, certain “fad” diets require that you purchase expensive, pre-packaged meals. The HCG weight loss program addresses these concerns by: 1) Curbing appetite naturally with the HCG hormone, 2) Increasing metabolism and

energy, through hormonal support – by supporting hormone levels in the body, including testosterone, the HCG hormone creates a “muscle-building/fat burning” state, 3) Does not require any pre-packaged food, the food you need for the HCG diet can be purchased inexpensively at any grocery store. In addition, our stabilization phase, which is the three weeks following the HCG diet, allows you to increase your caloric intake in a controlled manor, ensuring that you maintain the weight loss you achieved.

how does the hcg metabolic reset diet work?

Our physician-supervised Wellness Coach will teach you the nutrition fundamentals and lifestyle changes required to lose weight AND successfully keep it off. In our practice, we have seen that one of the key benefits of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is that it resets your hypothalamus gland and overall metabolism. This allows you to feel satisfied on a restricted calorie diet and not experience annoying hunger pains, which are responsible for most failed diet plans. The HCG Metabolic Reset Diet allows your body to burn your fat stores for energy, and because you won’t be hungry, keeps you from overeating.

Of course, we would never recommend any program without witnessing positive results. We have treated thousands of patients over the past decade with HCG and have seen phenomenal results.

hcg injections vs. hcg drops

Spoiler alert: injections are more effective.

There are vitamin shops and grocery stores selling the HCG drops and claiming it’s “the real HCG.” However, physician-supervised HCG injections are much more effective than drops. Our compounded HCG, while extremely effective, is NOT available in any grocery or vitamin store and can only be administered through a physician’s office under strict supervision. And being under our care, we will closely monitor you with serial visits and blood work so that you’ll be winning the battle of the bulge safely.

Before starting any diet, it is important to ensure that you are working with an experienced physician’s office you can trust – one who understands pathophysiology, contraindications, and any potential risks.

Maximize Your Results
Benefits The Details Accountability Physician Supervised Crave Bundle

The benefits of a medically-supervised HCG weight loss program include the resources and tools that are available to you here in a medical office. These tools maximize results and well-being during your treatment. Because we have seen the significant benefits of utilizing these tools in our HCG program, we offer discounted pricing to those who add them to their program.

  • Liver Detoxification: Immediately prior to the start of HCG we begin with a liver detoxification. We use this to prepare your body for an increase in fat metabolism and the mobilization of stored toxins in your body.
  • Lipo B Injections: These injections are typically given every 7-10 days throughout your treatment to assist in energy support and fat metabolism. Optional – included with two of our packages.
  • Supplementation: During the low calorie phase of HCG we do recommend proper supplementation. A quality Multivitamin and Probiotic are extremely important to support your body’s proper function throughout this process.

We offer a 40-day program. This includes follow up appointments with our Wellness Coach every 7 to 10 days during treatment. A complete metabolic panel, HgA1c (screening for diabetes) and cholesterol panel will be drawn prior to starting the program (cost for blood work is included).

Weekly Lipo B injections are also included in the cost with two of our packages. Typical average weight loss is 20 to 30 pounds. A three week transitional phase will follow the program, HCG injections are not used during the stabilization phase.

Follow-up appointments with our Wellness Coach are recommended every 7-10 days during treatment. One thing that sets us apart from other HCG programs is our commitment to your success. The support you receive during your treatment is unmatched. This support and guidance is crucial in preventing stalling.

Complete physician supervision to ensure safe and effective weight loss . Our physicians review every patients’ journey (and medical record/progress note) and monitor the periodic blood work.

(Craving and Appetite Support) Optional – included with one of our packages.

  • 1st Phorm protein powder – Quick, easy and delicious food is something that nearly everyone finds value in, especially on HCG. We offer both quality whey and plant-based protein powders that can be used on HCG.
  • Quest Protein Bars: Another quick, easy and delicious way to add variety and convenience to the HCG program.
  • Lean Green Supplement: Appetite and craving control are essential in all forms of weight loss and especially with HCG. For many this is the extra boost they are looking for to eliminate cravings and stubborn appetite.
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"Being 38 years old, I found myself being lost and deeply saddened by weight gain. I visited Dr. Amy Brenner’s office for answers. Immediately, I was introduced to Lauren and HCG. She and HCG began to lay a path, so I could find myself again. I lost *42 lbs. with ease. The HCG protocol diet taught me how to respect food, my body, and see life differently. I’ve been HCG-free for three months and haven’t gained a pound. HCG has given me a new attitude towards food and life!"


"I researched the HCG Protocol for almost a year before discussing it with my primary care physician. I turned 50 and had been struggling with my weight for the past 5+ years, even though I worked out, was active in sports and ate fairly well. My body was not absorbing important nutrients and supplements, causing me to add more and more prescriptions to help me regulate my thyroid, etc., and the start of menopause created more problems. HCG turned my life around! I lost *20 pounds (the waistline fat from childbirth 20 years ago that never went away), eliminated prescriptions (thyroid back to working normally), backed down on supplements that my body is now absorbing naturally again, hot flashes under control as well as sleep, and overall just feeling as if I was 30 again. I’ve kept the weight off (actually lost five more pounds) and love what this program has done for me. I’m a firm believer of the Protocol… if you do the program faithfully, this will work for you, as well!!!"


"After doing HCG, I loved how much more in tune I am with my body. I can tell right away if I haven’t eaten well. I feel bloated, my skin breaks out, and I feel sluggish. I made the decision and went for it! I made recipes so I wouldn’t get bored or frustrated. Saving my second fruit for the evening was helpful. This was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I proved that I could do something hard and I’m reaping the benefits. I now have to share my almond butter, fruit and nut mixes with my teenagers!"


"HCG Protocol gave me the immediate results I have been looking for. The diet is very restrictive and sounds daunting at first, but once the pounds start dropping, it is hard not to continue on! I can honestly say I was not hungry. I even did the Protocol over a family vacation, and stayed right on track. If you can follow directions and have a strong desire to get the weight off, this is definitely a good jump start to a healthy life in a smaller size!"


"The HCG Protocol works! I was at a point where I was ready to lose weight, so I strictly followed the protocol. This wasn’t hard, knowing there was an “end date.” I wasn’t hungry on the diet and the results showed daily with each weigh-in. I completed a 40-day round and lost *32 pounds, followed by a 21-day round with another *10 pound loss. I haven’t yet made it to my weight-loss goal, so I plan on completing another round."


I have tried just about every type of diet out there and have been fairly successful at most until recent years. Keeping it off is the problem. After you hit 60 (which was a few years ago) it gets harder and harder to shed the pounds. I have fibromyalgia as well and couldn’t get the inflammation under control. After seeing Paula for several months and working with her on nutrition, I needed a boost. The HCG diet was the perfect fit! It gave me the structure I needed. It is great to work with Paula on a weekly basis and be so encouraged at the accomplishments that are taking place. The inflammation and pounds have fallen off. After 40 days of the HCG diet I have shed *35 pounds, *17 inches and several medications I was taking. It is amazing to see friends I haven’t seen in several weeks and hear them say they can’t believe the transformation. The diet is strict but Paula is there every step of the way cheerleading and guiding me along the path to healthy eating! I have found the stabilization period easy and rewarding with adding in foods. Am planning to lose more but slowly with Paula’s guidance and help. I feel this is a lifestyle I can maintain! My hats off to Paula, Dr. Thieman and of course Dr. Brenner for caring and finding great ways to aid in women’s health!!


Access Your Documents

All of the resources discussed in your initial HCG Consultation are available for downloading and/or printing once you pay for your package. The password to access those documents will change quarterly, so please contact your Wellness Coach if you need the updated password.

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Resources for Success

Patients have online access to all documents needed to be well-informed and prepared for full treatment. This includes detailed instructions, foods options, full cookbook, food journal, and several other documents to make this as simple for you as possible!

How much does the HCG Diet cost?

Program price varies by the package chosen. Each individual has different needs and desires. We take pride in customizing your program to suit your individual needs. Current package prices range from $899 to $1,200.

Is it a good fit?

Initial Consultation with one of our Wellness Coaches (1 hour) and supervising medical practitioner to review your complete Medical History, current medications, and ensure you are an appropriate candidate for the HCG Diet Program.

What can I expect from the program?

You can expect rapid, controlled weight loss. Loss of body fat, not lean muscle. The maintenance program to help keep the weight off. Complaints of hunger, fatigue are eliminated or drastically reduced. No processed or pre-packed foods.

*All testimonials are opinions of individual patients. Individual results may vary.
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