It's time to recover

Overindulgence Reset Program

It’s time to recover.

Overindulgence Reset Program in Cincinnati OH

Need some help recovering from all the vacations, holiday weekends, pool parties and summer fun? During vacations, holidays, the sun-filled summer months and special occasions, it’s easy to accidentally overdo the sugar, alcohol and unhealthy food choices. Sugar/carb cravings can get out of control along with the weight. Now is the time to get back on track!

how does the overindulgence reset program help?

Our Wellness Coach will teach you the nutrition fundamentals to safely eliminate toxins from your cells then give you a clean, nutrient-dense plan to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. The Stoplight Metabolic Reset Diet Plan follows the 7 day detox phase and is used in conjunction with an all-natural weight loss support supplement (UltraBurn) that boosts your metabolism while helping to suppress your appetite. A series of 3 Lipo B injections are included to further boost results.

What's Included in the Package
Wellness Appointment Supplements Metabolic Reset Plan Optional Add-Ons

This four-week package begins with a 1/2 hour appointment with the Wellness Coach to go over all of the package/plan details. Handouts are provided.

The 7 Day Core Restore Detox kit includes a detailed patient handbook and three supplements: Core Support detoxifying protein shake, PhytoCore (boosts liver health) and Alpha Base Multivitamin. A suggested meal plan and real food recipes are included in the patient handbook, making it even easier to follow.


A series of 3 Lipo B injections are included to be taken approximately every 7 days during the Stoplight Metabolic Reset Diet Plan (3 week plan). These injections help reduce the accumulation of fat and promote fat metabolism. Nutrient vitamin / lipo b injections in Cincinnati may assist you in your nutritional goals by boosting energy and stamina, and helping your body metabolize fats and carbohydrates efficiently.

UltraBurn is the weight loss support supplement used during the 7 day detox and the three-week Stoplight Metabolic Reset Plan. This all-natural supplement contains synergistic ingredients that help boost metabolism and suppress appetite and carb cravings.  It is used twice daily before breakfast and lunch.

The Stoplight Metabolic Reset Diet Plan is easy to follow and allows for several healthy food choices. During these three weeks, in conjunction with the UltraBurn, you will be able to lose weight while safely suppressing appetite and carb/sugar cravings.

After completing the Summer/Vacation Recovery Package, you are eligible to purchase the following packages at a discounted rate for continued accountability and support

3 Visit Wellness Follow-Up Package + 3 Lipo B injections for $202 ($50 off retail)

6 Visit Wellness Follow-Up Package + 6 Lipo B injections for $374 ($100 off retail)

Additional Information
*Individual results may vary.
It's simple— identify the problem areas of your body and we will recommend the right treatment plan for you.