Instant Skin Lifting & Tightening

Thread Lifting

instant skin lifting –
instant skin tightening.

Thread Lifting in Cincinnati, Ohio

Get the lift you want (without the surgery you don’t want) with Thread Lifting in Cincinnati.  Threads are PDO (stands for Polydioxanone) absorbable surgical sutures, they are completely absorbed in 4 to 6 months and do not create any scar tissue.

You’re not that old, but your face has fallen. You may or may not need dermal fillers, but one thing you know for sure is that you want to do something about the sagging of the skin on your face.

Procedure Details

What it Treats
  • We use barbed PDO sutures for lifting, smoothing and tightening the skin of the mid-face (cheek), jaw-line (jowl), and neck.
  • Smooth sutures are used to produce collagen in a specific area, typically lining the lips, or smoothing the skin of the lower cheek.
  • Filler is used to add volume, contour to a particular area. Threads are used to tighten and lift tissue in the area. For most women, a combination of filler and Threads are necessary to achieve the desired look.
Procedure Time
  • 30 min to 1 hour depending on how many sutures we place
Recovery Time
  • None. For the next 1 to 2 weeks, may notice some discomfort in the jaw area, especially with chewing, talking, etc. May apply skincare, make up as typically do.

How does thread lifting work?

A Treatment Overview

The suture threads are inserted into the lower plane of your skin in particular configurations. The threads create a lift effect to lift or tighten.  Your body naturally reacts to the threads by creating new collagen. Your own new collagen maintains the improvement.

Process & Results

Procedure Process

The step-by-step patient experience.


Results are immediate; however, over the course of the next 4 months the presence of the PDO thread will stimulate the body to produce collagen.  Once the sutures are dissolved, the new collagen that has formed will allow the results to last for 12 to 15 months.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Step 1

The Consultation

During your consultation, our providers will thoroughly explain the benefit of Thread Lifting in Cincinnati and customize a treatment plan to encompass both your immediate and long term facial aesthetic goals.

Step 2

Prepare the skin

After your consultation, topical anesthetic will be offered to enhance your comfort during the procedure. The doctor will prepare your skin by thoroughly cleaning the treatment areas with both alcohol and an anti-bacterial wash. The areas to be treated will be marked with a special pen.


Step 3


After the skin is prepared, the physician will insert a blunt needle loaded with PDO thread into the areas being treated (typically mid face, low face and neck; approx 2 sutures per area).

Step 4

remove the delivery needle

The PDO thread remains in under the skin.

It's simple— identify the problem areas of your body and we will recommend the right treatment plan for you.