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Most men know that testosterone plays an important role in their body. Starting from fetal development, testosterone helps maintain and regulate various aspects of male function. Even a slight imbalance can affect energy levels, muscle mass, sexual wellness, and more. The best way to catch it is to understand the common symptoms of low testosterone in men.
Dr. Amy Brenner, MD & Associates are experts in helping men regain a healthy testosterone level and/or treating symptoms associated with low testosterone. Using testosterone replacement therapy, we treat the symptoms of low testosterone to restore hormonal balance. 

Decreased libido

Testosterone is important for maintaining a healthy sex drive. Your libido may naturally decrease as you age since testosterone naturally decreases. 

Erectile dysfunction

Along with decreased libido, low T can affect your ability to get and maintain an erection. That’s mainly because testosterone stimulates brain receptors to produce nitric oxide, the molecule that triggers chemical reactions needed for an erection.
Keep in mind that low testosterone is only a small factor that could lead to erectile dysfunction. If you’re having issues, always talk to a sexual wellness doctor in Cincinnati to help you. 

Low sperm count

Since testosterone aids with sperm production, you may notice a decrease in volume during ejaculation. In extreme cases, sperm count can be so low that it leads to infertility. 

Low blood count

Testosterone doesn’t just affect your sexual health; it also affects your cardiovascular health. Many men don’t realize that testosterone aids in red blood cell production, and a study found that anemia is linked to men who have low testosterone. 

Decreased bone mass

Testosterone helps strengthen bones to reduce the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis. If you find that your bones seem more frail and fracture easily, it could be due to low testosterone. This is especially true for older men. 

Decreased muscle mass

There’s a reason why some athletes turn to anabolic steroids to dramatically increase testosterone levels. But there is a healthier, more natural way to do this — with bioidentical testosterone. Testosterone helps build muscle, so low T levels could lead to decreased muscle mass. 

Testosterone replacement therapy can help

Our physicians and nurse practitioners at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates use testosterone replacement therapy to replenish T levels and balance. If you suffer from symptoms of low testosterone in men, we can create a personalized treatment plan (via pellets, injections, or creams) to get you back to normal. 
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