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#90 – Should a Woman Take Testosterone? With Dr. Nicholas Sherock Part 2

#89 – Should a Woman Take Testosterone? With Dr. Nicholas Sherock Part 1

#88 – How Ozone Therapy Can Help Optimize Health with Jason DeLeon

#87 – Treating Uterine Fibroids with Sonata: High Precision, No Incision with Dr. David Toub

#86 – Rekindle Passion in Long Term Relationships with Alexandra Stockwell

#85 – Discussing Weight Loss Challenges: From Tracking Woes to Medical Insights

#84 -Unlocking Akkermansia: Maximizing Gut Health with Dr. Jennifer Thieman

#83 – Overcoming the Herpes Diagnosis with Alexandra Harbushka

#82 – Why Has Semaglutide Stopped Working? Semaglutide for Weight Loss

#81 – Vaginal Tightening Surgery: Vaginoplasty with MD Red Alinsod

#80 – Unlocking the Power of NAD+ Therapy with Dr. Buzz Korth

#79 – When To Consider Genetic Cancer Screenings with Katie Ziegler

woman holding chest experiencing acid reflux

#78 – Why You Shouldn’t be on Acid Blockers Long Term

#77 – Lichen Sclerosus Symptoms: Is an Itchy Vulva Normal?

#76 – Secrets of IV Drip Therapy with Dr. Jordanna Quinn

#75 – Does Estrogen Cause Breast Cancer with Steve Goldring

#74 – Unlocking Hair Health Secrets with Renowned Hairstylist Sarah Crews

#73 – GI Map Testing – What The Gut Has To Say

#72 – Improving Health Through Food Featuring Dr. Toombs-Withers

#71 Semaglutide Side Effects and Complete Overview With Dr. Tony Campbell

#70 Tips for Eating out Healthy with Cassie Brown

#69 Osteoporosis & Hormone Therapy with Steve Goldring

#68 – How to Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes with Cassie Brown

women in lab evaluating blood sample

#67 – Early Cancer Detection Testing with Dr. Whitney Jones

#66 – Your Stomach Bloat Culprit – SIBO with Gut Health Expert Jessica Dayton

#65 – Votiva for Female Rejuvenation with Jack Reed

#64 – Drugstore Gynecology: Do’s and Don’ts with Brittany Fowler

#63 – Neuroscience Tools to Empower the Busy Professional with Dr. Mary Rensel

#62 – Pharmacists and Their Lawful Duties with Ray Carlson

#61 – Is an IUD the Best Option For You with Dr. Karen Wolowick

#60 – Improving Women’s Mental Health with Dr. Anna Glezer

#59 – How Morpheus8 Reclaims Youthful Looking Skin with Jack Reed

#58 – Everything You Need to Know about Hysterectomies with Dr. Cheruba Prabakar

#57 – How Virtual Coaching Can Help You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals with Amanda Treon

#56 – Reversing Your Chronic Stress with Dr. Robyn Tiger

#55 – What Do I Need to Know About My Fertility? With Dr. Carolina Sueldo

#54 – Being the Doctor and the Mom with Dr. Chandani DeZure

#53 – The Journey Begins: Redefining Menopause and Intimate Wellness in Women with Dr. Yas

#52 – Permanent Birth Control: Navigating No with Olivia Downs

#51 – Morpheus8 Skin Tightening Treatment What is that…? Solo Cast

#50 – Is Post Menopausal Bleeding Normal with Brittany Fowler

#49 – What is that…? BBL – Broadband Light Treatments Solo Cast

#48 – Remove the Unwanted Hair Using Laser Hair Removal with Brittany Fowler

#47 – Improving Sleep During Perimenopause with Dr. Val Cacho

#46 – What is that? #4 What is Himtensity Male Wave Therapy Solo Cast

#45 – Address the Stress; How to Reduce Stress: Solving Your Cortisol Problem with Dr. Jennifer Thieman

#44 – What is that…? #3 What is Femtensity Wave Therapy? Solo Cast

#43 – How to Stop Stress Eating with Dr. Megan Melo

#42 – What is that…? #2 – What is the P-Shot Solo Cast

#41 – Living With Lichen Sclerosus – A Physical and Mental Test

#40 – Debunking Filler and Botox Myths with Dr. Judith Borger

#39 – The Downside of Birth Control – Solo Cast

#38 -Back & Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy – When To Seek Relief with Dr. Carolyn Moyers

#37- Shifting Your Viewpoint On Weight Loss with Camille Martin, RD

#36 – What is that…? #1 What is an O-Shot? Solo Cast Series

#35 – Rediscovering Your Libido With Women’s Wellness Expert Dr. Renee Wellenstein

#34 – Is it a Hemorrhoid or Skin Tag? How to Identify the Bump on Your Bum – Solo Cast

#33 – My Control: Your Birth Control Options

#32 – Fibroids – Bad Period Culprit with Dr. Anna Feitelson

#31 – Improving the Look Down There with Cosmetic Gynecologist Dr. David Ghozland

#30 – Review Your Resolutions – Solo Cast

#29- Supplements: Fad or Fact? Part 2 – Top 5 Supplements with Don Johnston

#28 – Supplements: Fad or Fact? Choosing Quality with Don Johnston

#27 – HPV – You Most Likely Have Encountered It… Solo Cast

#26 – Staying Young Forever- BBL Treatments with Michael Van Lenten

#25 – Destress Your Holidays with Dr. Amy Brenner Solo Cast and Season Finale

#24 – A No Downtime Skin Renewing Treatment – PRXT-33 with Anastaysia Halytcka

#23 – Testosterone Isn’t Just for Bodybuilders – Mythbusters Part 4

#22- Lunchtime Facelift: What is Cosmetic Threading? With Samantha Bauman

#21 – Drying Up at 50 – Menopausal Issues with Specialist Dr. Maria Canter

#20 – A Marketing Ploy – Bioidentical Hormone Treatment – Mythbusters Part 3

#19 – Revamp Your V Using CO2 with Lana Kerr

#18 – Turning Grief Into Greatness – A Walk In Her Shoes Special With Melissa James Jackson

#17 – Can’t Hold Your Bladder – Urinary Incontinence Treatments with Dr. Andrea Pezzella

#16 – I’ve Had a Hysterectomy, I Don’t Need Progesterone! – Mythbusters Part 2

An example of Hormone Therapy for Menopause [Cincinnati]

#15- How Hormones Got a Bad Rap With Steve Goldring, R.Ph

#14 – DiamondGlow with Skin Care Specialist Madison McFall

#13 – Do I Really Need a Pap Smear?

#12 – Ultimate Intimacy for Women with Author Dr. Carolyn DeLucia

#11-Menopause is NOT the Flu – Mythbusters Part 1

#10 – Preventing Diabetes – Reversing Insulin Resistance with Dr. Jennifer Thieman

#9 – Get Glowing Skin Via Co2Lift with Lana Kerr – Ready Set Glow Pt. 1

sexual wellness treatments for women

#8 – Addyi – Is there a Female Viagra? with Dr. David Schwartz

#7 – Contour Your Body with Heat? Evolve Your Body with Kimberly Snellings

#6 – Health Benefits of Exercise & Balancing Life with Melissa Giambrone

#5 – Shock Your Penis for Better Erections – Wave Therapy with Jim Glazner

#4 – Understanding Your Medical Bills with Ema Oder

#3 – Cosmetic Gynecology Today with Stephanie Green Surgery Coordinator

#2 – Reverse Dieting: Secret to Increasing Calories & Decreasing Weight with Amanda Treon, CNM & Nutrition Coach

#1 – How I Got Here – Raising a Family & Opening a Practice