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#25 – Destress Your Holidays with Dr. Amy Brenner Mini Episode and Season Finale

#24 – A No Downtime Skin Renewing Treatment – PRXT-33 with Anastaysia Halytcka

#23 – Testosterone Isn’t Just for Bodybuilders – Mythbusters Part 4

#22- Lunchtime Facelift: What is Cosmetic Threading? With Samantha Bauman

#21 – Drying Up at 50 – Menopausal Issues with Specialist Dr. Maria Canter

#20 – A Marketing Ploy – Bioidentical Hormone Treatment – Mythbusters Part 3

#19 – Revamp Your V Using CO2 with Lana Kerr

#18 – Turning Grief Into Greatness – A Walk In Her Shoes Special With Melissa James Jackson

#17 – Can’t Hold Your Bladder – Urinary Incontinence Treatments with Dr. Andrea Pezzella

#16 – I’ve Had a Hysterectomy, I Don’t Need Progesterone! – Mythbusters Part 2

#15- How Hormones Got a Bad Rap With Steve Goldring, R.Ph

#14 – Ready Set Glow Pt 2 – DiamondGlow with SkinCare Specialist Madison McFall

#13 – Do I Really Need a Pap Smear?

#12- AB’s Book Club – Ultimate Intimacy with Author Dr. Carolyn DeLucia

#11-Menopause is NOT the Flu – Mythbusters Part 1

Insulin Resistance Weight Loss Diet Plan in Cincinnati

#10 – PRE-Pre-Diabetes – Insulin Resistance with Dr. Jennifer Thieman

#9 – Get Glowing Skin Via Co2Lift with Lana Kerr – Ready Set Glow Pt. 1

sexual wellness treatments for women

#8 – Addyi – Is there a Female Viagra? with Dr. David Schwartz

#7 – Can You Freeze or Heat Your Body For a New You? – Evolve Your Body with Kimberly Snellings

#6 – Health Benefits of Exercise & Balancing Life with Melissa Giambrone

middle aged couple posing for a photo outside a building

#5 – Shock Your Penis for Better Erections – Wave Therapy with Jim Glazner

#4 – Understanding Your Medical Bills with Ema Oder

#3 – Cosmetic Gynecology Today with Stephanie Green Surgery Coordinator

#2 – Reverse Dieting: Secret to Increasing Calories & Decreasing Weight with Amanda Treon, CNM & Nutrition Coach

#1 – How I Got Here – Raising a Family & Opening a Practice