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There are a myriad of reasons that women and men may feel that their intimate life is not what it should be. There may be a diminished interest in sex, relationship issues, issues with function or perhaps an inability to reach orgasm. Both physical and psychological issues may be the culprit behind not being able to fully enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.


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At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, we are able to offer you a comprehensive approach to improving interest and pleasure with sex, and ultimately the quality of your life…for both women and men.

Common Causes of Sexual Dysfunction


Hormones, including the sex steroids (estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone), adrenal hormones (DHEA and cortisol), thyroid hormones, and prolactin can influence desire.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis) can lead to painful intercourse, which can certainly lead to a low interest in sex.


Certain medications can be toxic to sex drive. Medications for depression/anxiety, oral birth control pills, opioid pain medication, B-blockers (for hypertension) and even some over-the-counter anti-histamines like Benadryl may contribute to decreased desire.

Genital Mismatch

Genital mismatch (defined as the increased in diameter of the vaginal canal, often in conjunction with decreased size of the erect penis) is extremely common as sexual partners age, after childbirth, weight gain, chronic straining (from constipation or difficulty with urination), and pelvic injury (often from pelvic surgery).


Lifestyle factors can also interfere with libido. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor diet or increased stress can interfere with intimacy. Depression/anxiety and weight gain can change your comfort level with your body and sexuality and can negatively impact interest in sex.

Other Gynecologic Concerns

Other gynecologic concerns can play a role. These include: dyspareunia (chronic painful sexual intercourse), lichen sclerosus (a condition that causes changes in the appearance of the skin of the vulva, results in chronic itching, pain, and scarring of the vulvar tissue), vulvar vestibulitis (a chronic pain syndrome possibly linked to chronic yeast, bacterial vaginosis, or HPV infection), other vaginal infections, or heavy, prolonged menstrual bleeding.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s Disease can affect men at any age and interfere with a man’s ability to have sexual intercourse.

Testosterone Deficiency

This can cause both a loss of libido as well as erectile dysfunction.

What are my options?

The best place to start is by scheduling a consultation with one of our medical providers / sexual wellness doctors in Cincinnati and provide a complete medical history. Our Practitioners will look at current medications, past diagnoses/medical procedures and perform a physical exam, when necessary. Women may schedule with any of our Certified Nurse Practitioners or Physicians.

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