Introducing the Botox Club at ABMD

Get Rewarded for Regular Botox Treatments: Introducing the Botox CluB at ABMD!

Are you a fan of that fresh, youthful glow Botox provides? Well, get ready to be rewarded for your commitment to looking and feeling your best!Welcome to the Botox Club at Amy Brenner MD and Associates. We believe in recognizing and celebrating your dedication to regular Botox treatments. Say goodbye to contracts and commitments – we’re here to make your Botox journey even more rewarding.

How It Works

Regular Treatments, Exceptional Rewards

Visit us every 3-4 months for your Botox treatment, and watch the rewards stack up. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you on your return visits:

  1. 1st Return Visit: Enjoy a Free Lipo-B Energizing Shot.
  2. 2nd Return Visit: Indulge in a Free Dermaplane Treatment.
  3. 3rd Return Visit: Elevate your experience with a Free Dermaplane & Peel.

Frequently Asked Questions

New to Botox? Start Earning Rewards Today!

If you’re new to Botox, taking the first step is easy. Schedule your initial treatment, and on your next follow-up in 3-4 months, you’ll unlock your first reward.

Why Every 3-4 Months?

Optimal results come from regular Botox treatments every 3-4 months. It’s the sweet spot for maintaining that flawless, youthful appearance.

Long-Time Patient? You Qualify Too!

Whether you’re a Botox veteran or just starting, everyone qualifies for the AB Botox Club Loyalty. If your last treatment was within 4 months, you’ll be earning a reward on your next visit. If it’s been longer, no worries – start earning rewards on your next follow-up appointment scheduled 3-4 months out.

What reward will I get as a veteran?

Everyone begins at the “1st return visit” reward tier.

What Happens After Earning All Three Tiers?

The rewards don’t end! We’ve designed the program to continuously reward your commitment to regular treatments throughout the year.

Unique to Us

This isn’t your typical Alle Program. Our Botox Club is exclusive to our office, ensuring you receive unique rewards not available elsewhere. Plus, you can still earn Alle rewards independently and redeem them during your AB Botox Loyalty Club visits.

Ready to elevate your Botox experience and get rewarded for it? Schedule your next appointment and let the rewards begin! No contracts, just pure, radiant benefits with the AB Botox Loyalty Club. Your beauty journey just got even more exciting!


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