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We are excited to tell you about our VIP programs at Amy Brenner MD & Associates, an aesthetic membership program that goes beyond just aesthetics. The AB VIP program expand across all aspects of our practice to include Botox savings as well as hormones, body contouring, weight loss and sexual wellness savings. Our programs don’t have anything to do with the regular day to day grind and have everything to do with taking some self-care time that we all need so much these days. So come in, relax, put on a comfy cotton robe and let us treat you like the VIP that you are. We know that one size does not fit all – so we have three options to choose from, each appealing to a different set of needs at an incredibly reasonable price.

What do I get with my Membership?


$100/monthly, $1200 yearly


Diamond Glow: 6/year (1 every 8 weeks)
Aesthetic Services: 10% off
Retail Product: 10% off
Body Contouring: $150/packages
Wellness Programs: 10% off
Sexual Medicine: 10% off
Botox: Botox Day pricing
Facial Filler: Buy one syringe get one 20%
Hormone Program: $50 off


$140/monthly, $1680 yearly


Diamond Glow: 8/yr (1 every 6 weeks)
Aesthetic Services: 15% off
Retail Product: 15% off
Body Contouring: $200/packages
Wellness Programs: 15% off
Sexual Medicine: 15% off
Botox: Botox Day pricing
Facial Filler :Buy one syringe get one 25%
Hormone Program: $50 off


$220/monthly, $2640 yearly


Diamond Glow: 12/yr (1 every 4 weeks)
Aesthetic Services: 20% off
Retail Product: 20% off
Body Contouring: $250/packages
Wellness Programs: 20% off
Sexual Medicine: 20% off
Botox: Botox Day pricing
Facial Filler: Buy one syringe get one 30%
Hormone Program: $50 off

Terms & Disclaimers

  1. All Amy Brenner, MD and Associates, LLC memberships are for a 12 month minimum term, which renews automatically each year unless the notice below is provided after the 12 month term. In order to cancel membership after the 12 month initial term, a 30 day written notice is required. To cancel, please come into Amy Brenner, MD and Associates, LLC and speak with our front desk staff. Cancellations can only be processed in person. All cancellation requests due to moving must be sent to contact@dramybrenner.com with the supporting documentation.
  2. Our monthly membership starts the day you sign up for your membership, and renews on the 1st of each month. Your member discounts and benefits renew on the 1st of each as well.
  3. Membership pricing, services, promotions and offers are non-transferrable and are for the member’s use only.
  4. The monthly discount can only be applied once per month per service.
  5. Membership discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other monthly specials, customer rebates, vendor coupons, or other offers that discount the price. Members may choose to apply the best offer to purchase.
  6. Any membership fee that is returned for insufficient funds, incorrect card number or card information is considered in arrears and due to Amy Brenner, MD and Associates, LLC. If a membership is considered in arrears, membership services and discounts will not be available for use until balance is paid up to and including the current month due.
  7. Membership fee cannot be offset by any office credit and must be paid by Visa/Mastercard/Discover or ACH
  8. Monthly membership fees are drafted on a 30 day rolling basis and are typically withdrawn on the 1st of each month. In the case a payment is declined, there is a 10 day grace period then an additional fee of $25 will be applied.
  9. Amy Brenner, MD and Associates, LLC members agree to abide by Amy Brenner, MD and Associates, LLC office and financial policies.
  10. Members are able to level up or move down tiers. Members will have to pay $50 to re-enroll in a new tier and your 12 month contract will start over on that date. The cancellation fee will not apply in this situation. You will be billed for the tier you are choosing on the first of the next month. Members will receive the tier benefits previously enrolled in until that date.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to become a VIP?

How does payment work?

Can I cancel at any time?

I did not get an opportunity to use my VIP Service this month, can I do it next month or get a refund?

I see that you have a special this month, so I get my member price and the special too, right?

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