#74 – Unlocking Hair Health Secrets with Renowned Hairstylist Sarah Crews

#74 - Unlocking Hair Health Secrets with Renowned Hairstylist Sarah Crews

In this captivating episode, we dive deep into the realm of hair health, uncovering valuable insights from the esteemed hairstylist from Nashville, Tennessee – Sarah Crews. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Sarah reveal the secrets to achieving and maintaining the healthiest hair possible.

Join us as Dr. Amy Brenner and Sarah explore the do’s and don’ts of hair care, and learn about the best products to incorporate into your hair care routine. Sarah provides expert advice on how to nurture your hair from within, emphasizing the importance of a thoughtful approach to hair health.

Discover the power of proper hair care techniques and the impact they can have on the overall health and appearance of your hair. Sharing tips on how to choose the right products for your specific hair type and offers guidance on avoiding common hair care pitfalls that can lead to damage and breakage.

As we unravel the mysteries of hair health, we delve into how your overall wellness relates to promoting vibrant and luscious locks.

Tune in to unlock the secrets to nourishing your hair from root to tip. Whether you’re looking to repair damaged hair or simply maintain a healthy mane, this conversation is packed with invaluable insights and practical tips that will leave you inspired to revolutionize your hair care routine.

Episode Highlights:

  • Exploring the quality of hair products
  • How often you should be using certain products and how to properly use them
  • Which hair health tips are worth doing
  • How to maintain overall hair health

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Special Thanks to our guest:

Sarah Crews

Sarah Crews is a hairstylist in Nashville, Tn. As a National hairstyling educator for Kérastase Luxury hair care. in Nashville Tn. Sarah travels and teaches to stylists in salons around the country. She has 25 years in the beauty industry and is a partner in one of Nashville’s top elite hair colour salons in Nashville. As owner of Black Tie And Blush, an on-site hair and makeup company for weddings and special events, Sarah understands the desires and challenges of women of all ages and works to offer solutions that make an impact.

Instagram – @SarahCrews2.0; @Blacktieandblush



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