#75 – Does Estrogen Cause Breast Cancer with Steve Goldring

#75 - Does Estrogen Cause Breast Cancer with Steve Goldring

Join us as we delve deep into the controversial topic of estrogen and its alleged link to breast cancer. This episode dives into the realm of hormone science with two distinguished experts, Dr. Amy Brenner and Steve Goldring R. PH to debunk one of the most pervasive myths surrounding breast cancer.

Estrogen has long been a subject of concern, with many associating it with an increased risk of breast cancer. However, our experts are here to challenge these assumptions based on their extensive research and clinical experience.

Steve Goldring, a renowned hormone researcher, brings years of expertise to the table, having dedicated a large portion of his career to understanding the intricate interplay between hormones and health. Dr. Brenner, a distinguished medical professional specializing in women’s health, supplements the conversation with a wealth of clinical knowledge, having worked closely with hormone therapy and optimization for over a decade.

Together, Steve and Dr. Brenner embark on a fascinating journey, exploring the multifaceted relationship between estrogen and breast cancer. They tackle common misunderstandings, such as the oversimplification of estrogen’s impact, the role of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and the influence of other factors in breast cancer development. They discuss the Women’s Health Initiative and how this has influenced the outlook of hormone therapy for over 2 decades.

Listeners can expect a deep dive into the latest scientific studies, enlightening anecdotes from clinical practice, and an engaging dialogue that challenges existing assumptions. As our experts debunk the estrogen-breast cancer myth, they empower listeners with accurate information, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health.

So, whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking to enhance your understanding or an individual interested in debunking common misconceptions, this episode of HealthiHer offers a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives. Join us as we unravel the truth and shed light on the fascinating relationship between estrogen and breast cancer.


Episode Highlights:

  • Hormone therapy including estrogen and breast cancer
  • How this theory started
  • How to lower your risk of breast cancer
  • Multifactorial causes of breast cancer


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Book referenced: Estrogen Matters by AVRUM BLUMING, MD & CAROL TAVRIS, PhD


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Special Guest – Steve Goldring R. PH


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