#76 – Secrets of IV Drip Therapy with Dr. Jordanna Quinn

#76 - Secrets of IV Drip Therapy with Dr. Jordanna Quinn

Functional medical experts Dr. Amy Brenner and Dr. Jordanna Quinn dive into the fascinating world of IV therapies! Join us as we explore the numerous benefits of IV treatments, from boosting energy and enhancing immune function to promoting rapid recovery and revitalization.

Discover the key differences between IV bars and receiving treatments under the guidance of a physician. Our experts shed light on who can safely benefit from IV therapies and the essential considerations for those who may not be suitable candidates.

Uncover the truth about IV vitamins and their potential to improve overall health and wellness. Dr. Jordanna Quinn explores the real impact of IV nutrients.

In this episode, we also explore complementary strategies to enhance health. Our experts provide valuable tips and advice on additional lifestyle changes and interventions that synergize with IV therapies for holistic well-being.

Episode Highlights:

  • What benefits do IV therapies provide?
  • Is there a difference between IV bars and doing these treatments with a physician?
  • Who can or cannot do IV therapies?
  • Do IV vitamins improve health?
  • What else can we do to improve health?


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Special Guest – Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O.

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O. is a board certified doctor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has specialty training in Regenerative medicine, Functional medicine, Anti Aging Medicine and Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Quinn has extensive experience with athletes of all types, professional and amateur. She enjoys helping busy CEOs, lawyers, doctors and athletes improve their performance, health, and looks so that they can live up to their full potential, without sacrificing their health.


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