#79 – When To Consider Genetic Cancer Screenings with Katie Ziegler

#79 - When To Consider Genetic Cancer Screenings with Katie Ziegler

Join us in this enlightening episode as we dive deep into the world of hereditary cancer testing and its profound impact on patient management and risk reduction. Our expert guest, Katie Ziegler will unravel the complexities surrounding genetic testing, shedding light on crucial aspects that influence a woman’s likelihood of developing breast cancer.

We’ll explore essential questions, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape:

  • Who Should Consider Genetic Testing: Delve into the criteria for identifying individuals who stand to benefit the most from genetic testing. Learn about the importance of recognizing potential risk factors and the proactive steps one can take through early detection.
  • Interpreting Genetic Testing Results: Understand the spectrum of results that patients might receive from hereditary cancer testing. We’ll demystify the language of genetics, ensuring our audience comprehends the implications of their genetic makeup.
  • Transformative Impact on Patient Care: Explore the ways in which knowledge of heightened cancer risk can revolutionize patient care. From personalized treatment plans to proactive risk reduction strategies, discover how this information can empower individuals to take charge of their health.
  • Navigating the Cost of Genetic Testing: Address the commonly asked question of affordability. Is hereditary cancer testing an expensive endeavor? Our expert will provide insights into the costs associated with genetic testing and discuss the evolving landscape of accessibility.

Tune in to gain a profound understanding of hereditary cancer testing, its implications for patient care, and how knowledge is power when it comes to managing and reducing the risk of cancer. Don’t miss this crucial conversation that has the potential to transform lives.


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Special Guest – Katie Ziegler

Katie Ziegler is a board-certified genetic counselor. She currently lives in Columbus Ohio, but loved living here in Cincinnati during her graduate training. For the first 13 years of her career, she worked directly with patients in a high risk pregnancy setting. She has been with a company called Myriad genetics for the past 4.5 years where she how educates healthcare providers about the value of cancer risk assessment and genetic testing for their patients.