#83 – Overcoming the Herpes Diagnosis with Alexandra Harbushka

#83 - Overcoming the Herpes Diagnosis with Alexandra Harbushka

In this episode, join Dr. Amy Brenner as she sits down with Alexandra Harbushka, founder of Life With Herpes, for an inspiring and candid conversation about her journey living with herpes and overcoming the associated stigma. They discuss what it means to start the journey to overcoming the herpes diagnosis.

When Alexandra received her diagnosis, her world was turned upside down. Suddenly, she was confronted with fear, uncertainty, and a sense of isolation. But instead of allowing herpes to define her, Alexandra turned her experience into a mission. Determined to shatter the stigma surrounding the condition, she founded Life With Herpes—a vibrant online community offering support, resources, and a safe space for others navigating similar challenges.

From her corporate career to her role as a wife and mother, Alexandra shares how herpes has shaped her perspective and fueled her passion for advocacy. With authenticity and resilience, she discusses the importance of normalizing conversations around sexual health and empowering individuals to reclaim their sense of self-worth.

Throughout the episode, listeners will gain insight into Alexandra’s journey, from the initial shock of diagnosis to finding strength and purpose in her advocacy work. Her story serves as a reminder that living with herpes is just one part of a larger, multifaceted life—and that by sharing our experiences, we can break down barriers, foster understanding, and build a more inclusive community.

Join Dr. Brenner and Alexandra Harbushka for a compelling conversation about resilience, empowerment, and the power of community in overcoming stigma.


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Special Guest – Alexandra Harbushka: Life with Herpes

Alexandra Harbushka’s life was sent into upheaval when she received a call from her doctor diagnosing her with herpes. Shaking, feeling like her life – her goals, happiness, and desires – had all just gone up in smoke, she was left scared shitless and with a new mission, to share her story with people just like her and to let them know that their feelings are normal, natural, and that they are not victims. With that mission in mind, she founded Life With Herpes, an online community consisting of a podcast, a website, Youtube channel, wellness products to support the skin condition and an online community that provides support, all dedicated to shattering the
stigma of living with herpes.

Before founding Life With Herpes and becoming a mother to her son Clinton and a wife to her husband Bill, Alexandra worked in corporate America with roles ranging from Ralph Lauren to selling new home construction to being a mortgage loan officer. Her education includes a bachelor degree from the University of Arizona, a postgraduate certificate in Ministry, and is currently working on a masters in Theology. She is also an ordained minister and provides ministry counseling.