#84 -Unlocking Akkermansia: Maximizing Gut Health with Dr. Jennifer Thieman

#84 -Unlocking Akkermansia: Maximizing Gut Health with Dr. Jennifer Thieman

Doctors, Amy Brenner and Jennifer Thieman delve deep into the remarkable benefits of Akkermansia supplementation for optimizing gut health. They’ll discuss the transformative potential of Akkermansia in supporting overall well-being.

Our experts kick off the discussion by defining Akkermansia and highlighting its pivotal role in maintaining gut health and what that means for the rest of your body. From thriving on the intestinal lining to promoting gut barrier integrity and regulating inflammation, Akkermansia emerges as a crucial player in the quest for optimal well-being. Dr. Jennifer Thieman discusses the fundamentals of cultivating a healthy gut microbiome and explores the intricate interplay between diet, lifestyle, and microbial diversity, emphasizing the importance of nurturing beneficial bacteria like Akkermansia for long-term gut health.

Highlighted is the science behind Akkermansia’s beneficial effects on gut microbiome composition and function & why it’s taken up to this point for functional medicine to be capable of utilizing this keystone bacteria.

Dr. Amy Brenner also shares her personal Akkermansia story and how optimizing her levels has changed her personal health journey.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is Akkermansia and why is it important?
  • How do you test for Akkermansia?
  • The science behind Akkermansia Supplementation
  • What are the benefits of supplementing with Akkermansia?
  • Dr. Brenner’s health story
  • How your long-term gut microbiome is developed

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