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Hymenoplasty in Cincinnati, Ohio

What is a Hymenoplasty?

A Hymenoplasty is an elective cosmetic gynecologic procedure to restore a woman’s hymen. Rebuilding the hymen has also been called Revirginization, hymen restoration, or hymen reconstructive surgery. After surgery, it is impossible to tell the difference between a natural hymen and a reconstructed hymen.

What is a Hymen?

The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. A common appearance of the hymen is crescent-shaped, although many shapes are possible. A hymen does not have a medical purpose; however, historically in some cultures, this piece of tissue has been used as a marker of virginity.

The hymen may rip or tear the first time a female engages in penetrative intercourse; however, the first rupture of a hymen does not always cause bleeding, nor is it always painful. The hymen can also stretch or tear as a result of various other activities, including heavy lifting, exercise, riding a bicycle, a simple gynecologic exam, or falling and traumatizing the vaginal opening. A Hymenoplasty in Cincinnati, which involves reconstruction of the hymen, may be performed for cultural, religious, or social reasons.

The Procedure


What it Treats

Torn hymen
Ruptured hymen

Procedure Time

1 hour

Recovery Time

Women may return to work the next day, but strenuous activity, heavy lifting and intercourse should be avoided for typically six weeks.

Side Effects

During the first 24 to 28 hours, swelling and slight bleeding is normal. There will be no visible signs of surgery.

Repair a Torn Hymen

This surgery is a cosmetic option for any woman who wishes to repair or reconstruct her hymen. Reasons can include: the desire culturally to have an intact hymen as indication of purity to her spouse, to restore what was damaged unintentionally during an accident or trauma, or revirginization may allow a woman to psychologically turn back the clock on past sexual events.

Process & Results

Step 1.

Local Anesthesia

Dr. Brenner has refined the in-office Hymenoplasty using the Pronox (inhaled nitrous oxide ) and microtumescent local anesthesia.

Hymenoplasty is typically performed with local anesthesia and oral sedation; IV sedation is also available, if preferred, in our AAAASF accredited office surgical suite. Benefits of local anesthesia include decreased complications from general anesthesia, quicker recovery and cost savings.

Step 2.

Precise Incisions

Dr. Brenner uses the Ellman Surgitron device to make extremely precise incisions into the vaginal and remnants of the hymeneal ring to bring them into close approximation to allow delicate sutures to hold the tissue in place.

Step 3.

Healing Process

Once healed, penetrative intercourse can result in bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched. The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes.

Step 4.


After a Hymenoplasty procedure in Cincinnati, the membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina will be restored.


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