What Can I Expect After an Endometrial Ablation?

For women with heavy periods, an endometrial ablation may be the perfection solution to lighten menstruation or get rid of it all together. Our board-certified gynecologist at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates offer the best endometrial ablation treatments in Cincinnati through our MyFlow® program
Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect after an endometrial ablation and the recovery process. 

What is an endometrial ablation?

Endometrial ablation, such as NovaSure (theFDA-approved device used at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates), is a quick procedure that removes the inner layer of the uterine wall (endometrium).
The procedure uses radiofrequency energy to heat and ablate the tissue. With endometrial removal, most women never have periods or the periods they do get are much lighter and shorter.

What to expect after an endometrial ablation

After your endometrial ablation, you will be free to go home. Most women can return to their normal daily routine the same day or the following day at the latest. It’s not uncommon to have mild cramps and vaginal bleeding for a few days. During this time, however, you should not use a tampon—pads are the best bet to help avoid infections. 
You don’t have to worry about taking different precautions for working, exercising, or consuming a certain diet. You do want to speak to your doctor about when it is okay to have sexual intercouse again. In addition, your physician will give you more specific instructions based on your needs. If you have excessive bleeding or severe pain, it is best to notify your doctor right away.
Keep in mind that endometrial ablation does impact fertility, so if you plan on having children in the future, you should look for alternative solutions to manage heavy flows.  

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