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It seems like new diets pop up every second, promising “fast results” and “quick fixes.” These diets may work temporarily, but in the end, many people start gaining weight again the moment they stop the ultra-restrictive (and often unhealthy) diet. 

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Our certified wellness coach at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates helps patients of all ages and sizes learn healthy eating habits to turn weight loss into a lifestyle change rather than a temporary solution. 
Keep reading for six easy lifestyle changes you can implement to lose weight. 

1. Pay attention to what you’re drinking

Some people eat extremely healthy yet still have trouble losing weight. Whenever you’re counting calories, you cannot ignore beverages. That “harmless” coffee you get at Starbucks every morning could be adding hundreds of calories to your day without realizing. A great habit to try to form is to limit how many high-calorie drinks you have each day. If you can, limiting yourself to only water can make a world of difference, and your body will thank you, too!

2. Do something active each day

We aren’t saying you should engage in strenuous physical activity every day (rest days are crucial), but we are saying moving your body each day can have a huge impact on your health. Even if you’re not a person who goes to the gym, there are simple ways you can incorporate getting more active on a daily basis, including: 

  • Walking your dog in the morning 
  • Parking further away in parking lots
  • Taking the stairs instead of elevators
  • Playing with your kids

3. Find ways to limit stress

Since stress raises cortisol levels and, in turn, unhealthy cravings, finding ways to limit stress can help keep your weight down. Not everything works for everyone, but meditating, having pamper days, trying out yoga, and even speaking to a therapist can reduce stress levels. Plus, when you live a stress-free life, you may find yourself happier with a more positive outlook on life. 

4. Fill your plate with lots of vegetables

The great thing about vegetables is that they are typically very low in calories, yet high in fiber. That means you can add more to your plate without going into a caloric surplus. For example, for dinner, instead of having equal services of meatloaf, rice, and veggies, try filling half your plate with vegetables. In doing so, you’ll probably have less room for the more calorie-dense foods. 

5. Limit eating out to once a week

If you’re a person who eats out every day or multiple times a week (fast-food included), you could be consuming way more calories than you actually think. Even a salad from any given chain can come with a hefty number of calories. It may be difficult at first, but if you limit eating out, you may find yourself losing weight. An added bonus? You could be saving a lot of money, too. 

6. Choose the right diet program

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates offers a variety of weight loss and wellness programs that help you lose weight and learn how to maintain weight loss. Specifically, our Healthy Habits program focuses on building satisfying meal plans (no one wants to feel hungry all the time), reducing unhealthy cravings, and boosting metabolism. 
Through prescription medications and peptide therapy, our three-month, physician-led program can help you trim your figure and keep your new look. Instead of spiking your calories once you’re done, we will help you gradually reintroduce calories so we don’t shock your body and cause it to store fat. 

Learn more lifestyle changes to lose weight with our programs at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates

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