Beyond Insurance, Invest in Health

Insurance is more complicated than ever. Coverage is confusing. There’s a lot of red tape. And, in most cases patient benefits don’t kick in until an insanely high deductible has been met. With the way that plans are structured today medical insurance seems like its best looked at as a safeguard. Something to protect you in the case of a major event such as childbirth, a broken bone, or for a necessary surgery.
As for day-to-day care? That’s where you’re empowered to manage your own health. If you rely on the insurance companies to dictate your well-being the truth is you’ll never achieve optimal health. Instead you’ll end up down a long road of chasing symptoms. It’s what we call reactive medicine.
At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates we’ve adopted a “whole body” approach. We believe that allopathic care should be supplemented with functional medicine concepts as well as aesthetic treatments to help patients feel better, look better, and live better. It’s proactive. It’s patient-focused. And in our experience, it can produce long term results.
Allopathic Medicine: Allopathic medicine is an approach where medical providers treat symptoms or diseases through the use of drugs, radiation, and surgery. It works for treating isolated medical events {i.e. UTI, fibroids, etc …}, but fails to identify the source of disorders affecting the whole body {fatigue, depression, etc …}. Because of this it has limitations. This form of medicine is often referred to as modern medicine, Western medicine, or conventional medicine.
Functional Medicine: Functional medicine is a biology-based approach focused on identifying the root cause of the disease. Rather than focusing on individual symptoms or diseases functional medicine providers treat the body as one integrated system. Instead of using prescription drugs as a Band-Aid it considers other factors such as gut health, lifestyle choices, and hormone imbalances. You may also hear this referred to as alternative medicine.
Aesthetic Medicine: Aesthetic medicine includes all medical procedures aimed at altering the cosmetic appearance of a patient. This includes both surgical procedures, as well as non-surgical procedures.
When you come to Amy Brenner, MD & Associates our team will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan based on how you want to look and feel. This will also be determined by your desired approach – whether it be traditional allopathic medicine, functional medicine, or a combination of both.
As a practice focused on integrated medicine we’re proud to offer our patients the best of both worlds. Along with allopathic medical services we may suggest hormone therapy, wellness coaching, cosmetic treatments, and more. We may also recommend functional medicine tests such as a GI stool sample or a cortisol saliva test to help identify the root cause of your symptoms. Here’s a glimpse into the range of services that we offer, all designed with our patients in mind …

Allopathic Medicine

Routine Gynecologic Care {Medical evaluation, pap smear, STD testing, birth control/family planning, health screenings, colposcopy, etc …}
Gynecologic Surgeries {Hysterectomy, slings, diagnostic laparoscopy, fibroid removal, etc … }
In-office Gynecological Procedures {MyFlow, LEEP, etc …}

Functional & Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetics {Skin rejuvination, body countouring, injections, hair removal, etc…}
Sexual Wellness {O-Shot®, P-Shot®, MyIntimacy™, etc …}
Weight Loss & Wellness {Wellness coaching, detoxification, Lipo B injections, etc …}
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
Testosterone Optimization
Cosmetic Gynecology
Functional Medicine Testing {Food sensitivity testing, GI testing, adrenal saliva testing}

*Please note all insurance plans are different, please confirm coverage with your insurance provider before booking an appointment. Even for covered services, deductibles and copays will apply.
Unlike many other functional medicine practices in the Cincinnati area, Amy Brenner, MD & Associates gladly accepts insurance reimbursement for those services that your plan will cover. Typically, this includes anything under the umbrella of traditional, allopathic care. The rest is an investment in your health. And, based on our experience we can tell you the dividends are quite high.
Given how the current healthcare system is structured it’s time we stop asking “what will my insurance cover?” Instead jump on the opportunity to take control of your own well-being. If you ask us you all deserve to feel better, look better, and live better.