Breast Cancer Awareness: Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, making it one of the most common cancers for women. However, early detection allows you to have more treatment options and increase your survival rate. In fact,  the five year survival rate for localized breast cancer (hasn’t spread beyond the breast) is 99%
Our medical staff at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates focus on women’s health and wellness, including helping women reduce their risk of getting breast cancer. We also provide our MyRisk Genetic Testing to reveal whether or not you have genetic mutations (such as BRCA mutations) that could increase your chances of developing the disease. 
Read on to learn more about early symptoms of breast cancer. 

How does breast cancer form?

As with all cancers, breast cancer stems from a DNA mutilation in the cells. For breast cancer, this would start with cells that make up breast tissue. Sometimes these mutations are genetic, passed down from family member to family member. Other times, it may come from lifestyle-related factors such as diet, though it’s not exactly clear how some of those factors turn healthy cells cancerous. 
These genetic mutations could cause cells to grow out of control, meaning they don’t listen to the body’s instructions to stop dividing or die when they are supposed to. As these cells continue to spread, they become more and more resistant to bodily signals on how to function properly. 

Early symptoms of breast cancer 

It’s important to note that early stage breast cancer doesn’t always show symptoms. That’s why you should always get mammograms and even genetic testing to give you peace of mind. However, here are common symptoms that come with early stage breast cancer: 

  • Skin changes such as redness and/or swelling
  • Increased breast size or a change in shape within a short period of time
  • Sensitivity when touching breasts, including a warm sensation or hardness
  • Peeling or flaking nipple
  • Small lump within breast tissue
  • Pitting in the skin (similar to cellulite or the skin of an orange)

Learn more about early breast cancer symptoms with Amy Brenner, MD & Associates

For breast cancer awareness month, put your health first. Our health experts provide accurate genetic testing for women of all ages and help you understand early signs. Plus, with our vast array of wellness programs, we can not only help reduce your risk of breast cancer, but also boost confidence by helping you reach your goals. 
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