Your Quick Guide to BRCA Mutation Testing in Cincinnati

You probably understand the importance of detecting breast cancer early, but many overlook the impact BRCA mutation testing can make. Getting a gene test that can detect BRCA mutations can be key in understanding your risk for developing breast cancer in the future, allowing you to take action right away.

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At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, we offer our MyRisk Genetic Testing for women in the Cincinnati area. To learn more about the BRCA gene mutations and testing, just keep reading. 

What is a BRCA gene mutation? 

BRCA gene mutations (BRCA1 and BRCA2) are inherited mutations that greatly increase a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer (also impacts the occurrence of ovarian cancer). Not only this, but women who inherit these mutations are also more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age. About 1 of every 500 women has BRCA gene mutation, and if your mom or dad has a mutation, you have a 50% chance of getting one too. In addition about 50% of women in the U.S. with a BRCA mutation will get breast cancer before the age of 70.

What to expect with BRCA mutation testing 

When you come into our Cincinnati office for MyRisk Genetic Testing, someone from our licensed medical staff will draw your blood, and your results will come back after four weeks. Our test shows whether or not you have a BRCA mutation and your risk percentage of possibly getting cancer in the future. This allows you to take proactive measures such as: 

  • Being more adamant about getting mammograms 
  • Having your physician examine your breast during regular appointments
  • Eating a healthy diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight 
  • Limiting alcohol consumption (alcohol consumption is linked to breast cancer)
  • Breastfeeding your children if you can
  • Ask your doctor about prescription medications to lower breast cancer risk (i.e. tamoxifen and raloxifene)
  • Breast removal surgery if you have a very high risk for breast cancer

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