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Scars can come from acne or skin trauma, and it’s nearly impossible to dramatically improve them through at-home products alone. Scars require skin resurfacing, and to do this, your skin needs professional treatments that stimulate collagen and renew your skin from within. Learn how a chemical peel for scars or the PRX-T33 can improve this concern and others!

How a chemical peel for scars works

TCA-based peels

TCA (trichloroacetic acid)-based peels use a certain concentration of TCA to remove dead skin cells and increase new cell formation. This type of peel comes in various strengths that can cause significant peeling of the outer epidermis layer of skin.

These chemical peels are very effective at resurfacing texture, but the downside is that there is a recovery period as your skin is very sensitive and peels away the outer dead skin. This is a drawback for many of our patients who don’t want their skin to go through a significant recovery period.

How PRX-T33 is unique

Another type of skin treatment that can help the appearance of scars is the PRX-T33. PRX-T33 is distinctive compared to traditional TCA-based chemical peels. 

This treatment does NOT exfoliate the epidermis. Instead, its ingredients target the deeper layers of the dermis (below the surface) to promote total rejuvenation from within! This process is also known as bio-stimulation, where it stimulates deeper tissues without damaging the outer surface of the skin.

Learn more about the advanced PRX-T33 treatment with our guide →

For most deep skin rejuvenation procedures, they cannot achieve deep skin rejuvenation without some areas of healing (and sometimes excessive peeling) on the epidermis. This is not the case with PRX-T33, making it highly unique! This treatment has minimal peeling (if any) and you can return back to your regular skincare routine immediately.  

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