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Winter is coming soon and you may feel the effects of the colder season on your skin already ❄️ A lot of our patients visit us for skin rejuvenating procedures for many skin concerns. Whether your concerns are texture, pore size, discoloration, or signs of aging, one of our favorite recommendations for an advanced skin treatment is PRX-T33! Sound advanced? Because it is!

In this guide, we go in-depth on how PRX-T33 biostimulator topical treatment resurfaces your skin while keeping the epidermis (outer skin) perfectly intact. Keep reading to learn more about this professional skin treatment in Cincinnati. 

Is the PRX-T33 a chemical peel? 

Before we can answer that, let’s review what a chemical peel is!

Chemical peels are professional treatments that are more aggressive than a traditional facial. They stimulate skin cell turnover to improve a multitude of concerns through chemical exfoliation of dead skin cells. For many people with sensitive skin, physical exfoliation is too abrasive and harsh (via methods like dermaplaning, exfoliating scrubs, etc.), and they aren’t quite ready for laser skin rejuvenation. This is when chemical peels may be ideal! 

So is the PRX-T33 a chemical peel? Nope! This professional skin treatment is not classified as a chemical peel; it’s actually a biostimulation topical treatment. Its ingredients actually stimulate the tissues within the deeper dermis layer of your skin. (Unlike chemical peels, which dissolve away dead skin cells in the epidermis). 

Essentially, the PRX-T33 has similar properties to chemical peels, and they both work to resurface the skin, but the methods and results are very different. 

PRX-T33’s ingredients

PRX-T33 uses a certain amount of trichloroacetic acid (TCA). TCA helps remove dead skin cells and increases formation of new ones. Some chemical peels use TCA and come in various strengths, but a big drawback is they can cause significant peeling of the outer layer of your skin.

This treatment does NOT exfoliate the epidermis. Instead, its ingredients target the deeper layers of the dermis (below the surface) to promote total rejuvenation from within! This process is also known as bio-stimulation, where it stimulates deeper tissues without damaging the outer surface of the skin. 

Benefits of the PRX-T33 professional skin treatment in Cincinnati

Less downtime and minimal peeling

Because of its unique formula, the PRX-T33 requires much less downtime and causes very minimal to no peeling of the epidermis. This helps our patients get back to their routine and enjoy their results sooner than other types of treatments. 

Deep skin rejuvenation

The ingredients of this biostimulation treatment bypass the epidermis and work in the dermis layer of your skin. 

The dermis layer of your skin houses collagen and elastin fibers, the two essential proteins that give your skin structure and elasticity. The PRX-T33’s formula works within the dermis to stimulate your body’s natural collagen and elastin production—all while leaving the epidermis intact. 

This helps reinforce your skin and revitalizes connective tissue for concerns like:

  • Skin laxity (sagging skin)
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Signs of aging
  • Acne

Little to no discomfort

Some treatments like chemical peels may cause a burning sensation as they dissolve the outermost layer of skin. This does not occur with the PRX-T33! Most patients experience little to no discomfort throughout the treatment process. Most treatments that achieve significant results like this have mild discomfort, so it’s a tremendous benefit of this procedure.

Treats many concerns

“Killing two birds with one stone” is always satisfying, so how about improving several skin concerns at once?

PRX-T33 treats many concerns for ALL skin types and tones. These concerns include:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Stretch marks

💡 This treatment isn’t just for the face! It also works on the neck, chest (decolletage), hands, and arms. 

Significant Statistics About PRX-T33 | Professional Skin Treatment in Cincinnati

According to a webinar presented by WiQO, following a PRX-T33 treatment patients experience:

  • 26% texture improvement
  • 22% improvement in pores
  • 50% reduction in red spots
  • 54% in brown spots
  • 3.42% reduction in UV spots
  • 29% in deep wrinkles after the 2nd treatment
  • 62% reduction of porphyrins (improving inflammation and damage of the skin)
  • 7% reduction in stretch mark width
  • 78% reduction of overall stretch marks


PRX-T33 Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are in PRX-T33?

PRX-T33 is made of:

  • 33% TCA – a chemical peeling solution
  • H2O2 in low concentrations. This promotes the healing of wounds, helps remodel the extracellular matrix (supports structure of cellular tissues), and regulates inflammation
  • Kojic acid – an effective skin-brightener and depigmenting agent that inhibits post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

How many treatments do I need?

Though many patients notice an improvement in their skin after their first session, we usually recommend a series of 4 total PRX-T33 treatments for optimal results.

We can recommend a specific amount of PRX-T33 treatments for you based on your skin consultation with a specialist at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your specific concerns, areas for treatment, and desired results. Based on these factors, we’ll create a personalized PRX-T33 treatment plan for you.

What happens immediately after my treatment?

After application, your skin will look noticeably brighter, plumper, and more rested. You may experience mild redness and some flaking if you have excess dead skin to shed. You can improve these momentary side effects with the moisturizer we provide you with.

You’ll want to follow the instructions your provider gives you for aftercare to help optimize your results at home!

Am I a good candidate for a PRX-T33 treatment?

Suitable candidates are not allergic to kojic acid, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and do not have an active rash, herpes, skin irritation. If you are looking to improve multiple skin concerns like signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and skin laxity, PRX-T33 is the professional skin treatment in Cincinnati for you!

What should I do before this treatment?

To make sure your results are optimal and your skin is not damaged, we always check to make sure you aren’t using any skincare products that may affect the treatment.

If you use a topical retinoic acid (isotretinoin), you must stop using it at least 15 days prior to treatment. If you have active acne or skin irritation, we will wait until it clears up for treatment.

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We offer a range of chemical peels to meet the needs of our patients, and our PRX-T33 professional skin treatment is another option to improve your skin from within! If you’re looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal to no downtime and peeling, that improves many concerns and is safe for all skin types and tones, this is the one for you ✅ Our experienced providers will guide you through the process and meet and exceed your skin’s needs for beautiful results. 

At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, we offer a warm, friendly environment for our clients in the Cincinnati metropolitan area while providing the highest quality surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments. No matter what, we will stick with you throughout your entire journey because your goals are our goals. 

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