More Than A Father

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We’ve all heard the saying, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” With Father’s day on the horizon I’ve been reflecting on this statement, remembering the lessons that my father taught me, and appreciating all of the things that Kevin has done to help me nurture my own children. Looking at the big picture I am so grateful to have these two men, these two loving Dads, in my life.
While everyone has their own definition, based on my experiences, being a stand up Dad is all about two things …
Love and sacrifice.
Growing up both of my parents were teachers. While it’s a rewarding career in so many ways it didn’t necessarily provide all of the financial opportunities that my parents wanted for myself, and my two siblings. And so, my Dad stepped up to the plate. In every single way that he could.
Outside of the classroom he wore many hats including coach, drivers ed teacher, snow pusher, and even firewood deliverer. Any opportunity he found to make an extra dime, he seized it. All so that he could provide for his family.

As a child I loved my Dad. He’s the man that taught me to work hard, to appreciate the little things in life, and to approach things objectively. He taught me how to pound a nail, how to dust myself off after a big fall, and how to enjoy all four seasons. I’ve always appreciated his lessons, but what I didn’t realize growing up is just how much he had to sacrifice to keep our family afloat, to love us, and to nurture us.
Now, it’s all clear. And I couldn’t love him more.
In my adult years, it’s interesting to see life unfold from a different perspective. Now, as a wife, and a mother, I feel so blessed to have Kevin as my partner in parenting crime. Observing his positive attitude, selfless nature, and unconditional love towards our children is almost a mirror image of my own Dad. How did I get so lucky?

As a physician and a business owner, admittedly I don’t always have time for the typical day-to-day mom duties such as driving the kids around, packing for vacations, or making sure our pets get to the vet. In every scenario where I fall short, Kevin is there to pick up the pieces. How he finds the energy to keep our kids entertained, maintain two jobs, and {ahem} keep me sane? It’s something only a Dad could do.
And, I am so grateful.
With Father’s Day upon us, I only hope that Kevin, and my own Dad, know how much they are appreciated, how important their role is, and how, without them, none of us would be where we are today. Thank you for your love, for your sacrifices, and for being more than a father.