More Than Coworkers

We want to pop in for a second and do a little bragging. Because our team?! Well, it’s amazing.
If you’ve been with our practice for a while you’ve probably noticed that some team members have come and gone. As people explore new opportunities, get married and have babies that’s only natural. But lately, as we look around the room at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates we’re so proud of each and every one that’s here.
We’d like to thank the Law of Attraction for where we are today.
When this practice was in its infancy we said we wanted to build a team that was kind, intelligent, motivated, and shared a common passion – to help people look and feel their best. Year after year. Hire after hire. We kept putting that out there.
And now, look where we’ve arrived! It’s 2019 and we’ve attracted the perfect team. Here are just a few of the reasons why this group is so amazing …
We Stick Together
Much like a family, the team at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates sticks together – through thick and thin. New babies. Matrimony. Promotions. Graduations. When there’s a cause for celebration we love to do it together! And when things get tough this team busts a move to cover schedules, reduce stress, and build each other back up. Truly we have each other’s backs.
We Play Together
For us it appears that forty+ hours under the same roof isn’t enough! It’s not uncommon to find members of our practice together outside of work. Dr. Thieman’s been spotted cheering Amy and Amanda on at CrossFit competitions. Our front office staff is always wandering off for lunch in pairs. And while our friends are dodging their holiday work parties, we look forward to ours!

We Learn Together
One of the principle goals of our practice is to continue to evolve as new technology and information comes available. This creates amazing experiences for our team! Whether it’s a cutting edge medical procedure, a new MediSpa service, updated software for our office, or simply another way to look at things … we’re constantly learning! Boredom? Impossible.
We Believe Together
Likely the most important part of the equation is that we all believe in what we’re doing. Health, beauty, and confidence is something that we all prioritize in our own lives, and we love that every single day presents an opportunity to share that passion with our patients and our customers.
If you’ve yet to experience the Amy Brenner, MD & Associates team for yourself, be sure to come by to say hello. Like a diamond in the rough, we’re also always on the lookout for amazing new people to join our team. Based on what you know about us so far, if you think you’d fit right in, give us a call. We’d love to meet you!