Our Ultimate Guide to ED Treatments

This men’s health month, we’re turning our focus to one of the most common issues almost every man will experience at some point in his life. Sexual health is one of the most important aspects of complete wellness. 

So, when finding that spark gets difficult for guys, erectile dysfunction affects a lot more than just your sex life! That’s why Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is sharing our ultimate guide to ED treatments near Blue Ash!

For All Life’s Ups…

To understand the true impact of ED, let’s start by looking at life with optimal sexual health. This key aspect of overall health for men goes beyond just physical performance! It encompasses a range of factors that contribute to a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience. These are some of the benefits of optimal sexual health:

Less Stress, Better Sleep

How long has it been since you woke up truly rested? Sex releases endorphins, which are hormones that have mood-boosting and pain-relieving properties. This can help manage stress levels and promote overall well-being. The hormonal changes and physical intimacy associated with sex can lead to feelings of relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Improved Internal Health

Studies suggest a possible link between frequent ejaculation and a lower risk of prostate cancer. Regular sexual activity can be a form of exercise, raising your heart rate and improving circulation. This may contribute to a healthier heart and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Emotional Growth and Security

A satisfying sex life can positively impact other parts of your life as well! Open communication about sexual needs and desires is essential for a healthy sex life. This can translate into better communication in other areas of your relationship. 

Sexual intimacy also strengthens emotional bonds and fosters a sense of closeness with your partner. By addressing anxieties or performance concerns related to sex, men can significantly reduce anxiety and stress.

…and Downs

Simply put, erectile dysfunction happens any time blood flow to the penis is restricted. Without adequate blood flow throughout the penis, it can be difficult to maintain and achieve erections. Just like any organ in your body, proper function is essential for your total health! These are some of the most common concerns directly related to ED:

Medical Conditions

Men with heart disease, obesity, and other medical concerns are likely to experience ED. This is because heart disease and ED often share the same underlying cause. Diabetes can actually damage nerves and blood vessels throughout the body, including those in the penis. Your whole health matters for many reasons! But sometimes cures can also cause concerns.


Certain medications, such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, and some pain relievers, can cause ED as a side effect. This is because these medications affect hormone levels and cardiovascular function. Additionally, surgery or injuries to the pelvis, penis, or spinal cord can damage the nerves or blood vessels that control erections. Even if you’re completely healthy and not on any medications, there are causes related to your mind that can get overlooked!


When life’s stressing you out, the last thing on your mind is probably erectile dysfunction. Depression, anxiety, and other psychological concerns can affect many parts of your life. Your mentality reflects your reality, which is why you should never leave mental health concerns on the back burner! No matter what’s causing your ED, we are here to identify the best solution and get you back on track.

Our Solutions for ED

At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, we get to know our patients as they’re dealing with some of the most difficult times of their life. Even though many men accept life with erectile dysfunction as “just a part of getting older,” that doesn’t mean you have to! No matter why you’re experiencing ED, our practice is proud to offer multiple advanced solutions. Here’s how each of them work:


This injection, also known as the Priapus Shot, is a unique therapy for erectile dysfunction that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. By combining naturally restorative techniques with the power of PRP, we help guys get their lives back! Here’s how just one shot can help overcome erectile dysfunction. 

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentration of a patient’s own platelets, which contain growth factors that promote healing and tissue regeneration. Just as your body uses white blood cells to help repair damage and prevent illness, PRP works to empower your natural healing processes! With the P-Shot, we target the root concerns causing difficulties maintaining or achieving erections.

Additionally, we offer a growth factor option that induces a similar biological response as PRP, eliminating the need for a blood draw.

Benefits of PRP for Sexual Health

One of the most impactful effects of PRP is how it rejuvenates blood flow to the penis. This improved blood flow leads to healthier tissue growth and repair in the corpus cavernosum. With a stronger, more responsive organ, our patients enjoy healthier, more sensitive erections. 

Treatment Details

Each procedure typically takes less than an hour and is performed completely in our office. Before we begin your erectile dysfunction treatment near Blue Ash using PRP, you’ll undergo a comprehensive consultation to build your customized injection plan. 

To decide if the P-Shot is truly the right option for you, we’ll review key biomarkers and evaluate current health conditions. When you’re ready to give it a shot, we can start prepping your injections the same day! However, we completely understand if you need to think things over. We’re also open to scheduling an appointment time that works best for everyone. 


On the day of your initial treatment, we’ll check you in and escort you back to a comfortable treatment room. If you’ve opted for the PRP option, we’ll take a blood sample and process it to isolate PRP. Since we will be drawing blood, we recommend hydrating well before the date of your appointment. 


As we synthesize your platelet-rich plasma, we’ll also numb your injection sites to help ensure total comfort throughout your treatment. When our centrifuge finishes working its magic, we’ll draw your PRP into a syringe. The PRP is then injected into specific areas of the penis.


Following your injections, you’ll use a penis pump to engorge your organ with blood. This increases the efficacy of PRP as it works through your bloodstream. The use of this pump at home following your procedure will ensure the proper distribution of PRP in the shaft.


While some men experience results in just one treatment, we always recommend follow-ups to make sure your treatment is working correctly. These follow-ups are crucial to compound your results and pair additional treatments. While PRP is an amazing option, it’s not always right for everyone. That’s why we offer 2 additional ED treatments near Blue Ash.


Instead of a shot to treat your ED, how does a shock sound? While that may sound intense, we assure you, Himtensity is a completely comfortable solution for erectile dysfunction. This treatment uses the power of acoustic wave therapy (also known as Li-ESWT) to encourage natural blood flow. Even though it’s a common ED treatment near Blue Ash, men without ED can benefit from it as well!

Ride the Waves

Our Himtensity device uses sound waves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and improve blood flow to the penis. This can help men achieve and maintain erections naturally again. With increased blood flow, tissue throughout the penis will regenerate faster and healthier. Thousands of men are improving their lives by riding the acoustic waves of Himtensity. So, here’s what you can expect:

Treatment Details

In an in-depth consultation, we’ll help you decide if Himtensity is your ideal option and plan your treatment to fit into your schedule. On the day of your initial treatment, you’ll check in and be escorted back to our comfortable treatment room. There, we’ll give you the privacy to get comfortable and ask any last-minute questions. When you’re ready, our specialist will place the device strategically on the penis for around 15 minutes. 

Even though shock wave therapy sounds intense, our patients rarely report any discomfort! The only thing you’ll feel during your session is a mild pulsing sensation. After every session, we’ll give you pointers on aftercare and schedule your next visit before you leave.. Depending on your treatment plan, you can expect to treat in the office 1 – 2 times per week for 6 – 12 weeks. After a planned period of rest, we can continue with Himtensity and talk about additional options to exceed your expectations!

Hormone Therapy

Hormones are one of the most overlooked aspects of everyday health. Dr. Brenner believes everyone can benefit from optimizing their hormone levels with BHRT. So, instead of popping one more blue pill, why not try an ED treatment that does so much more for your biology?

Over time, many adults experience hormone imbalances. From acne as a teenager to sexual health struggles as an adult, hormones affect guys‌ in many ways! That’s why optimizing your testosterone levels is so important. 

  • Pellets
  • Injections
  • Topicals

Treatment Details

On the day of your initial treatment, our providers will help you prep according to your desired delivery method. If you’re opting for pellets, we’ll have you apply ice to your insertion area in order to painlessly place each pellet. We administer a localized injection to this area to insure comfort level. If you opt for a topical solution, we’ll  walk you through regular at-home care on the same day of your consultation.

Following Up

Following your initial treatment, we’ll have you check your hormone levels 10 week after to make sure they are optimal for your next round.  . As your hormone levels become optimized, you’ll likely begin noticing multiple improvements as well! With deeper sleep, more sustained energy, and, yes, better sex, many men experience the benefits of our ED treatments near Blue Ash. 

There’s a lot more at stake than just erections when it comes to men’s health! So, when you’re ready to get back to your prime, Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is here to help.

Things Are Looking Up

For decades, Dr. Brenner has been a trusted provider for thousands of patients, all with unique concerns. In her career, she’s found that talking about ED is often one of the hardest conversations for men. That’s why our practice prioritizes professionalism and personal care in every consultation. 

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