#81 – Vaginal Tightening Surgery: Vaginoplasty with MD Red Alinsod

#81 - Vaginal Tightening Surgery: Vaginoplasty with MD Red Alinsod

Join us for an enlightening conversation with two leading experts in vaginal tightening surgery, Dr. Amy Brenner and Dr. Red Alinsod. These highly experienced surgeons take us on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of vaginal tightening surgery, covering everything from recovery and candidacy to the historical context, safety measures, and outcomes. Dr. Brenner talks with Dr. Alinsod about how he shifted into cosmetic gynecology and developed the advanced techniques to improve the outcomes for these surgeries.

Episode Highlights:

Recovery Insights for vaginal tightening surgery: Dr. Brenner and Dr. Red Alinsod share their insights into the recovery process after vaginoplasty. Learn about post-surgery care, expected timelines, and the importance of a supportive environment.

Who is a Candidate?: Discover the diverse reasons individuals choose vaginoplasty and the factors that make someone an ideal candidate. The surgeons delve into the physical and emotional aspects considered during the evaluation process.

Motivations Behind Vaginoplasty: Our experts explore the various motivations behind the decision to undergo vaginal tightening surgery. Whether it’s addressing post-childbirth concerns, age-related changes, or enhancing personal comfort, understanding these motivations is crucial.

Historical Context: Take a fascinating trip through the history of vaginoplasty as Dr. Alinsod provides insights into how the procedure has evolved over time. Discover the milestones, advancements, and shifts in societal attitudes that have shaped the history of this surgery.

Safety Measures: Ensuring the safety of patients is paramount. The surgeons discuss the stringent safety measures in place during vaginoplasty procedures, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the medical protocols and standards involved. Including why they choose to do vaginoplasties in office versus hospitals.

Outcomes and Realistic Expectations:  Learn about the potential outcomes of vaginoplasty and how effective communication between surgeons and patients plays a crucial role.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights in this exclusive conversation with two expert vaginoplasty surgeons. Whether you’re considering the procedure or simply seeking to understand more about this aspect of women’s health, this episode offers a balanced and informative perspective.

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Special Guest – Dr. Red Alinsod – Alinsod Institute

Dr. Red Alinsod completed medical training at Loma Linda University Medical Center in 1990. He served a 12-year Air Force career with 4 active duty years at George and Nellis Air Force Bases. He has practiced in Southern California and now in Texas and Nevada.

Red has built a thriving cosmetic urogynecology following. He is the Director and founder of South Coast Urogynecology and The Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (an educational center) and Gynflix (Online e-Learning).

His International teaching program is the first of its kind to combine both pelvic reconstructive and aesthetic principles together. He has trained many of the world’s leading doctors and instructors in cosmetic gynecology and has presented his techniques worldwide for over 27 years.

He is co-editor of Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery, Concepts, Classification and Technique, the seminal textbook for plastic surgeons and gynecologists in this rapidly growing field. He is the Founder and Chairman of CAVS (Congress on Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery), the oldest and longest running Congress dedicated to Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery. It is now incorporated into The International Society for Cosmetogynecology, the Grand Daddy of the field.

He is the inventor of the “Barbie Look” and “Hybrid Look” Labiaplasty, Medial Curvilinear Labia Majoraplasty, Central and Lateral Clitoral Hood Reduction, In- office No-IV Labiaplasty, Perineoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Micro Tumescent Labial Block, Pudendo-Levator Block. He is the inventor and patent owner of the Lone Star APS Vaginal Retractor, APS Surgical Table, Alinsod Scissors, and various pelvic reconstructive devices and techniques such as Sling with Bladder Support and Implants and Procedures for Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders.