The Best Insulin Resistance Weight Loss Diet Plan in Cincinnati

Those who are insulin resistant already know how difficult it can be to lose weight. Due to high levels of sugar stored in fat cells, insulin resistance and weight loss don’t seem to go hand in hand. 

What if we told you weight loss is still possible?

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates offers multiple options so that you can find an insulin resistance weight loss diet plan in Cincinnati for your goals. 

What is insulin resistance? 

Insulin resistance is often the beginning stage of type 2 diabetes development. Long before a diabetes diagnosis, the body goes through unseen changes that you wouldn’t notice on your own. As a result, many people may be on the path toward diabetes without realizing. However, if you catch insulin resistance early, you can help prevent the condition’s progression. 

How is Insulin Resistance Diagnosed?

When you are insulin resistant, your cells have a lowered response to insulin. Insulin is a hormone made and secreted by the pancreas, and it helps the body use glucose (blood sugar) for energy. However, if your body doesn’t respond to insulin, your pancreas produces and releases even more insulin to try to get a response and keep blood sugars low. Unfortunately, too much insulin can lead to excess sugar storage and fat gain. 

What to look for in an insulin resistance weight loss diet plan

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, you definitely have options to reverse your insulin resistance! We would love to say there’s a quick fix or one-size-fits-all diet, but there’s not. Everyone is different, so it’s important you find a diet program that works for you. 

While diets may vary, they often share the following qualities: 

  • Filled with whole foods
  • Limits processed sugars
  • Considers high fiber foods
  • Limits carbohydrates
  • Aims to reduce body weight

Another big factor to consider is the glycemic index of foods. Glycemic index refers to how quickly food affects your blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance makes it harder for your body to process glucose from meals, and some foods break down into glucose faster than others.

Therefore, it is important to limit foods with a high glycemic index such as:

  • Sugary beverages
  • Sweets
  • Refined white grains (white rice, white bread, white pasta, etc.)
  • Fruit juice

Which insulin resistance weight loss diet plan is the best?

To be 100% honest, the best insulin resistance diet is the one you are most likely to stick with. But, in general, the Ketogenic Lifestyle Program, Mediterranean, and Paleo diets are effective since they are lower carb diets. 

We understand that diet changes are hard to make and even harder to stick with. As a “one stop shop” our medical providers work closely with our Wellness Coaches to provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes.

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