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Discover valuable insights about your health and find ways to improve your overall wellness by evaluating the health of your gut with a GI Map Test in Cincinnati.  After evaluating several commercial tests on the market, we selected GI-MAP comprehensive stool test in Cincinnati to best understand and evaluate your gut health.

The gut is the root of all disease, and understanding its intricacies through comprehensive stool testing can pave the way for optimal health.
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Gut Health and Your Microbiome

Each of us houses trillions of beneficial bacteria in our bodies, primarily within our GI tract, forming a community known as the microbiome. This intricate ecosystem comprises bacteria, yeast, fungi, and the genes within these microbial communities.

Microbiome’s Influence on DNA:

Recent scientific breakthroughs highlight that the health of our microbiome directly influences our DNA. Up to 90% of all diseases are believed to be linked to the state of the microbiome, offering the opportunity to change health outcomes by improving gut health.

Why Choose Advanced Stool Testing?

Whether you’re grappling with specific gastrointestinal issues or striving to enhance your overall well-being, the GI Map Test in Cincinnati could be the key to unlocking the root causes of dysfunction, influencing mood, mental health, allergies, skin conditions, autoimmunity, energy levels, hormones, and more.

General Health Optimization:

Even without noticeable gastrointestinal complaints, the GI Map Test is suitable for anyone in Cincinnati looking to optimize their health. It surpasses conventional tests, offering valuable insights into the health of your microbiome (or good bacteria which live symbiotically with us), chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, gut permeability, pancreatic function, nutrient malabsorption,  hormone imbalances, and mood disorders.

For Ongoing GI Symptoms:

If you’re experiencing persistent GI symptoms such as nausea, bloating, diarrhea, or abdominal cramping – especially if tests for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) came back negative – the GI Map Test in Cincinnati provides a comprehensive analysis to uncover potential issues.

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What does the GI Map Test in Cincinnati Evaluate?

Microbiology Profile:

  • Assess the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut

DNA Testing:

  • Detects parasites, yeast, and pathogens at the genetic level

B-glucuronidase (Toxin Conjugation):

      • Evaluate your body’s ability to detoxify and eliminate toxins

Pancreatic Function, Fat, and Protein Breakdown:

      • Understand how well your digestive system is processing essential nutrients

SIgA (Leaky Gut or gut permeability):

      • Measure secretory immunoglobulin A to assess gut barrier function

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Markers:

      • Calprotectin and Eosinophil Protein X help identify signs of inflammatory bowel diseases

Consequences of Poor Gut Health:

A disrupted or imbalanced microbiome is associated with a myriad of health issues, including fatigue, hormone imbalance, autoimmune diseases, mood changes, brain fog, digestive health issues, inflammation, joint pain, weight gain, and more.

Causes of Poor Gut Health:

Various factors contribute to poor gut health in Cincinnati, such as

  • inflammatory foods
  • chronic stress
  • sleep issues
  • imbalance of good bacteria
  • toxin exposure
  • antibodies from autoimmune diseases
  • issues with food digestion
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results of a gi map test

Healing the gut can take time but can lead to drastic health benefits when done correctly. After establishing your treatment you may encounter the following improvements to your overall wellbeing:

  • Hormone Balance
  • Improved Energy
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Improved Moods
  • Reduced Seasonal Allergies
  • Less Food Sensitivities
  • Lowered Disease Risk
  • Reduced Inflammation & Pain
  • Improved GI symptoms (bloating, diarrhea, constipation and acid reflux)
  • Lowered HbA1c
  • Weight loss and improved ability to maintain weight

Process & Results

GI Map Test

Step 1.

The Consultation

Your initial consultation with one of our providers for Gut Health/GI Map Testing in Cincinnati will begin with a thorough look into your past medical history, family history, and current medications, with specific attention paid to the symptoms you are struggling with.

Step 2.

The Test

Next, if a stool test is determined to be needed, your provider will go over the steps necessary to complete your test kit at home. You may need to stop certain supplements or medications before performing the test.

Step 3.


Once your kit has been sent in, it will take a few weeks to process the results. When our office receives your results we will contact you to schedule your follow up appointments.

Step 4.

Customized Treatment Plan

Depending on your results, your provider will recommend a customized treatment plan to begin healing your gut.

Step 5.

Wellness Coaching

As part of our program, you will meet with one of our wellness coaches to further understand what dietary changes can can enhance your treatment plan.

Treatment After GI MAP Results

When we receive results from the GI Map in Cincinnati, we will create a customized care plan to improve your gut health. This could involve one or more of the following treatments/next steps:

  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Butyrate and polyphenols 
  • Diet modifications guided by our wellness coaches 
  • Supplements (digestive enzymes, antimicrobials, etc)
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Referral to GI specialist if necessary


Gut Health

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Treatments that pair well with GI Map Testing

Paired Treatments

Pairing treatments can get you dramatic results

Combining treatments can be the answer to getting the most out of your GI Map Test in Cincinnati. Depending on your goals & symptoms, sometimes other treatments may be needed to optimize overall quality of life. When you pair GI Map Testing with other treatments in our practice, you can get results that last longer or occur more quickly than stand alone treatments. During your consultation, your provider can speak to you about combining your treatments.

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