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Labiaplasty Minora.

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Labiaplasty in Cincinnati, Ohio

What is a Labiaplasty Procedure?

Labia Minora refer to the smaller, inner vaginal lips. Labiaplasty is an elective, cosmetic surgery for the removal of excess, often uneven Labia Minora tissue that cause chronic irritation, rubbing or discomfort during sexual intercourse. Most women chose Labiaplasty to improve the aesthetic appearance of the vulva.

Labiaplasty is a relatively simple procedure which can improve both the appearance and function of the female labia. It is a procedure which offers a comforting solution to unsightly or uncomfortably enlarged or elongated labia majora or labia minora.

What can you expect from a Labiaplasty Surgery?

Through this elective, cosmetic procedure you can expect:

  • Sculpting the labia to a different size and evenness
  • Reducing self-consciousness while increasing sexual self-esteem
  • Increased comfort in fitted clothing, during physical and sexual activity
  • Repairing the effects of childbirth and the aging process

Labiaplasty is typically performed with local anesthesia and oral sedation; IV sedation is also available if preferred in our AAAASF accredited office surgical suite. Dr. Brenner has refined the in-office Labiaplasty using the Dermoelectroporation (DEP) device, a unique technology developed to help physicians deliver drugs (like numbing medication) effectively and painlessly inside the skin without the use of needle and microtumescent anesthesia. This procedure takes approximately 60 minutes to perform.

The Procedure


What it Treats

Discomfort during intercourse
Discomfort during exercise
A bulge in tight clothing
Self Conscious
Rubbing & Irritation

Procedure Time

1-2 hours

Recovery Time

3-4 days on bed rest
Pain medications
6-8 week full recovery

Side Effects

Avoid tampons for one cycle

Why does our Labia Enlarge?

One in three women have longer than average labia. Many women are born with enlarged labia or experience changes in the appearance of their labia as they age. The greatest factor in elongated labia is genetics, as well as aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and gravity

How does a Labiaplasty Work?

Dr. Brenner has refined her technique to safely reduce the size of the labia majora by excising a crescent shaped portion of the inner portion of the labia majora. The scar is hidden in the crease between the inner and outer labia. Labiaplasty is done in the office under local anesthesia.

Process & Results

Procedure Process

Dr. Brenner takes a Unique Approach to Labiaplasty



All sutures used in Labiaplasty are self-dissolvable and disappear within 6 weeks. This scar is often not seen at all. Individual or interrupted sutures are used. Many other surgeons use a running technique to save time, this leads to a scalloped appearance to the incision line. Dr. Brenner’s technique does not involve a “wedge resection” which has a 10 to 20% chance of wound breakdown.

3 Labiaplasty Minora Procedure Options

Before & Afters




























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