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Libido and Sexual Dysfunction.

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Libido and Sexual Dysfunction in Cincinnati

Understanding lack of Sexual Desire.

Libido, or a women’s interest in and desire for sexual intercourse, is complicated, but it plays a vital role in how we feel about ourselves, our overall health, and the success of our relationship. Several issues, from physical to psychological, can impact how your libido functions.

It is very common for a woman’s libido to change starting as early as age 35.

What Does this Mean?

Lifestyle, family planning, stress, and hormones all play a role in decreasing or completely eliminating your interest in sex.

Intertwined with interest is how pleasurable sex is for you and your partner.

There are several areas we discuss when a female reports diminished sexual interest or pleasure:
Treatment Options


Understanding my Loss of Sexual Interest

Step 1.

Our providers have trained across the country to become experts in not only diagnosing the cause for your low libido, but also in offering you multiple treatment modalities, both traditional and cutting edge, to boost your interest and pleasure in sex and achieve your health goals.

Step 2.

Your initial consultation with one of our providers will begin with a thorough look into your past medical and surgical history, family history, and current medications, with specific attention paid to the symptoms you are struggling with, including a vaginal exam. Appropriate blood work will be drawn. This office visit and blood work will be billed to your insurance company.

Step 3.

We will see you back in the office in 1 to 2 weeks, review your test results and initiate appropriate therapy. If we recommend any procedures not covered through health insurance, the cost will be provided to you. This office visit is billed to your health insurance company.

By addressing the various causes and multiple treatment modalities for low libido, we are able to offer you a comprehensive approach to improving you interest and pleasure with sex, and ultimately the quality of your life.


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