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Ozone Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio

Medical Ozone For Cellular Efficiency

Ozone Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio can be a health supportive and healing therapy, helping the way your body utilizes oxygen to support cellular efficiency and circulation. Medical studies have shown this may improve overall health, athletic performance and  a range of medical conditions. Ozone therapy is not FDA approved and is considered an alternative therapy. 


Ozone studies demonstrate that it may help with over 130 disorders and overall wellness. It may assist mitochondrial health and decrease mitochondrial dysfunction, which is an underlying cause of aging.

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What is Ozone Therapy?

The use of Ozone has been applied in a medical capacity for over 100 years for many purposes including as a healing agent, detoxifier and sterilizer. Systemic Ozone Therapy in Cincinnati begins by prepping medical grade oxygen and passing it through our Ozone (O₃) generator. This is then delivered back into your body via infusion.

Our Ozone Therapy sessions may help to benefit in a regenerative nature.

UBI and Ozone

Combining Ultraviolet (UBI) with Ozone improves clinical outcomes, adding extra oxygenation to the blood and enhancing immune function.


The Procedure


Procedure Time

30-60 minutes

Recovery Time

Minimal to none

Side Effects

Minimal to none

What are the potential benefits of OZone?

Systemic Ozone Therapy in Cincinnati affects a vast number of cellular functions. The medical literature has shown that Ozone may help with over 130 disorders, immune health, circulation, mitochondrial health and overall wellness.

Ozone has been shown in research to:

  • Help the immune system
  • Dilate blood vessels and improve circulation
  • Increase cellular efficiency 
  • Enhance oxygen dependent processes 
  • Work on pain receptors
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve mitochondrial health
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Process & Results

Ozone Therapy

Step 1.

The Consultation.

Your initial consultation with one of our providers for Ozone Therapy in Cincinnati will begin with a thorough look into your past medical and surgical history, family history, and current medications, with specific attention paid to the symptoms you are struggling with. Next, we will obtain several blood tests to look at your overall health. A plan for the dosing schedule of Ozone will be set. Typically, patients do a series of sessions.

Step 2.

Follow Up

We will see you back in the office to review your test results and discuss if Ozone therapy is appropriate for you. 

Step 3.

Procedure - Draw a Blood Sample

A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm.

Step 4.


Our providers customize the dosage of Ozone based on your symptoms, medical history, and tolerance prior Ozone sessions. 

Step 5.


The Ozone travels into your body via infusion, to start healing your body at a cellular level. Depending on your overall health and goals, systemic Ozone therapy is usually recommended every 1-4 weeks.

Treatments that pair well with Ozone

Paired Treatments

Pairing treatments can get you dramatic results

Combining treatments can be the answer to getting the most out of Ozone. Depending on your goals, sometimes other treatments may be needed to optimize overall quality of life. When you pair Ozone therapy in Cincinnati with treatments in our practice, you can get results that last longer or occur more quickly than stand alone sessions. During your consultation, our providers can speak to you about combining your sessions.

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