Ask a Cosmetic Gynecologist: Can I Make My Inner Labia Smaller?

can i make my inner labia smaller

We receive a lot of questions from our Cincinnati patients about sexual wellness, and our cosmetic gynecologist and medical staff at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates are always available to help! 

Some women have concerns about the appearance of their inner vaginal lips (labia minora); plus, enlarged labia may come with daily discomfort. 

So can I make my inner labia smaller?

Yes, you can make your inner labia smaller! There are a couple of treatment options designed to shrink and tighten vaginal lips. However, your results and downtime depend on whether you choose a surgical treatment option or non-surgical labia reduction.

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If you want a surgical solution… 

For women who don’t mind the downtime that comes with surgery and want to see a drastic change, then consider a labiaplasty minora procedure. During a labiaplasty procedure, your cosmetic gynecologist removes excess tissue to reshape and shrink the appearance of the inner vaginal lips. 

Remember, you are dealing with surgery, so you don’t want to take the choice lightly. If you opt for a labiaplasty minora, make sure you set aside time to go on bedrest and you are fully prepared for proper recovery. This 6-8 week recovery period includes:

❖ 1 to 2 weeks of bed rest

❖ Swelling, soreness, and bruising

❖ Avoiding tampons, heavy lifting, tight clothing, and sex

💡Note: You don’t have to choose between a surgical and non-surgical labia reduction. You can combine your labiaplasty with regular minimally invasive treatments to extend and maintain your results. 

If you want a non-surgical solution…  

We completely understand that surgery isn’t for everyone, but you can still make your inner labia smaller through less invasive methods! Radiofrequency (RF) technology is clinically proven to heat and tighten vulvar tissue, causing the labia to shrink without incisions or prolonged downtime. 

Which RF labiaplasty procedure should I look for?

Based on the amazing first-hand results we’ve seen, we highly recommend the Aviva FemTite Scarless Labiaplasty. Heat from the RF energy promotes collagen formation, which reverses skin laxity and excess tissue.

Since AVIVA is a minimally invasive procedure, you don’t have to worry about the same amount of downtime that comes with a traditional labiaplasty minora. That means you can get back to your daily life (just avoid tampons and sexual intercourse for two weeks)! 

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Amy Brenner, MD & Associates can make your inner labia smaller with surgical and non-surgical solutions. 

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