Quick Guide to Non-Surgical Labiaplasty in Cincinnati

non-surgical labiaplasty in cincinnati

While many women seek labia feminine rejuvenation, not everyone can, or even wants, to go through a surgical procedure. 

But Amy Brenner, MD & Associates has found a non-surgical labiaplasty alternative that doesn’t require anesthesia, prolonged downtime, or incisions (and no, it’s not too good to be true!). 

Introducing AVIVA FemTite Scarless Labiaplasty

Aviva FemTite Scarless Labiaplasty provides amazing results to shrink, tighten, and improve the overall appearance of your vaginal lips.

What is AVIVA?

AVIVA is a non-surgical labiaplasty treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy to heat vulva tissue and stimulate collagen production. This jump in collagen fibers regenerates the treatment area, causing excess tissue to retract. In fact, on average, patients achieve a 30% reduction in the size of their labia!

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Choosing Between AVIVA and a Traditional Labiaplasty

To be clear, yes, AVIVA can be a great alternative, but non-surgical labiaplasty does not offer the same results as a traditional labiaplasty. That’s not to say you won’t notice significant results and improvements. However, surgery is invasive for a reason—it offers drastic outcomes yet comes with longer dowtimes. 

In general, AVIVA works for women who:

✔️Have minor-to-moderate labia concerns

✔️Don’t have time for surgical recovery

✔️Are satisfied with a 30% reduction

✔️Maintain realistic expectations 

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