Do I need Carboxytherapy?

Is Carboxytherapy a Good Fit For Your Skin?

Carboxytherapy is among our favorite new treatments at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates. One of the key benefits of this treatment is its versatility and wide range of uses. But with that can also come some confusion. Would it work for my skin type? What treatments does it best complement?

Read on to learn more about carboxytherapy and whether or not you might need it.

What is Carboxytherapy?

When applied to the skin, a CO2 Lift essentially deprives a covered area of oxygen. In response, the skin naturally sends more oxygen to the area. This increases blood circulation; flushes the lymphatic system; and stimulates cellular metabolism.  

Carboxytherapy gel uses CO2 as a vehicle to create a  coverage of CO2 bubbles that release a specially designed formula to restore skin’s vitality.

Overall, this can promote your skin’s natural ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins, making it an ideal post-procedure treatment!

Carboxytherapy is a skin rejuvenating mask containing CO2 gel to stimulate blood and lymph circulation to a given treatment area with a topical discovery method (i.e., completely non-invasive and injection free!). 

We typically leave this on the skin for 35 to 60 minutes, and it should be done three times within 1 week, for the best results.

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Am I a candidate for Carboxytherapy?

Because carboxytherapy is non-invasive, there aren’t a lot of contraindications (signs you may not be a good fit) for treatment.

If you are in good general health with no history of skin disease or inflammation, you should have no problem receiving carboxytherapy!

If you have had bouts of patchy and dry skin in the past or have another skin condition that you’re worried about, let us help! 

If you know you’re going to be doing a treatment that stimulates the skin to go into healing mode (like laser treatments or microneedling) carboxy is the perfect complement! 

Our providers are highly trained and will discuss any potential issues, conflicts, or concerns with you well before treatment. We will also allow you to ask all of your questions to help you feel comfortable and confident that you are getting only the best. It’s what you deserve, after all 😉

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