Improve Your Health with a GI Map in Cincinnati

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Your gut plays a major role in almost every bodily function. When something is off in your gut, it can significantly impact how you feel, your mood, your energy, and even your hormone levels.

That’s why stool testing isn’t only for people with digestive problems. By improving your gut health, you can improve many aspects of your well-being. 

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is here to help patients improve their health, starting with their digestive system. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and wellness coaches work together to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. 

We offer the GI Map in Cincinnati, one of the most comprehensive stool tests available. This test gives us valuable information about the health of your digestive system. 

What information can a GI Map provide?

Some of the essential information we get from a GI Map in Cincinnati includes: 


We will look at the balance of microorganisms in your gut. We look for pathogens (things that shouldn’t be there, such as yeast, candida, parasites, and viruses) and also at your balance of good vs. bad bacteria. 

Good bacteria is critical to your overall health, but an overgrowth of bacteria can cause a condition called Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO). This can result in bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

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Learn more about GI Map Testing in our podcast. 

Digestive health 

We will look at your pancreatic enzymes to determine if you are digesting food and absorbing nutrients appropriately. We will also look for signs of inflammation in your intestines, which can be associated with diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s.

Immune health

GI Map testing will show us the health of the immune barrier in your gut. If your immune barrier is not functioning properly, you might have a condition called “leaky gut.” 


This is an enzyme that helps the body eliminate toxins. Beta-glucuronidase also has implications for our hormonal health. By treating beta-glucuronidase, it can help women with PMS, bloating, mood disorders, and other menstrual problems. 


When we get results from the GI Map in Cincinnati, we will create a customized care plan to improve your gut health. This could involve one or more of the following treatments/next steps:

  • Probiotics 
  • Antibiotics
  • Diet modifications
  • Supplements
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Referral to GI specialist if necessary

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