#88 – How Ozone Therapy Can Help Optimize Health with Jason DeLeon

#88 - How Ozone Therapy Can Help Optimize Health with Jason DeLeon

In this episode of HealthiHer, host Dr. Amy Brenner, delves into the fascinating world of ozone therapy, accompanied by the esteemed expert trainer in Ozone –  Jason DeLeon. Ozone therapy, a holistic approach gaining traction in the realm of alternative medicine, has been touted for its potential to benefit the entire body. Through a captivating conversation, they explore the intricacies of ozone and how it may effect health and wellness.

Jason DeLeon, a national trainer for ozone therapy, sheds light on the science behind this innovative treatment. Ozone, a naturally occurring gas composed of three oxygen atoms, possesses remarkable healing properties when administered in controlled doses. As Jason explains, ozone therapy helps by harnessing the therapeutic potential of ozone to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, decreasing inflammation, and enhancing overall well-being.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Brenner and Jason discuss the myriad benefits of ozone therapy across various bodily systems and who can benefit from this healing therapy. From bolstering the immune system and improving circulation to alleviating pain and reducing inflammation, ozone therapy can offer a comprehensive approach to holistic healing. Jason shares compelling insights into the versatility of ozone therapy, highlighting its efficacy in helping with a diverse range of conditions, including fatigue, or autoimmune disorders.

Moreover, Dr. Brenner explains how her practice utilizes Ozone Therapy with the type of “middle ground” patients who aren’t suffering from ongoing issues but are looking to optimize their body functions as they age.

The conversation delves into the safety and efficacy of ozone therapy, addressing common misconceptions and concerns surrounding this emerging modality. They discuss contraindications and possible side effects someone may experience.

Whether seeking to enhance vitality, alleviate symptoms, or optimize overall wellness, this enlightening discussion offers a compelling glimpse into the promise of ozone therapy as a holistic approach to health and healing.


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Thank you to special guest Jason DeLeon