Treat Heavy Bleeding

How many times have you had to say NO to various activities and events because you were worried about leaking through a pad or tampon? How about planning a beach vacation, only to realize you will be stuck inside with your period?  Afraid to wear white pants?
MyFlow® (our term for an endometrial ablation) allows women to have greater confidence over their lives and schedules and avoid embarrassing accidents. MyFlow® can give women the freedom to be liberated from feminine protection forever and enjoy intimacy with their partner any time of the month.
Watch the video below highlighting one of our own patients who chose to have this procedure in our office…

What are the advantages of having this procedure done in our office instead of the hospital? The primary advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Expertise – We are an AAAASF accredited specialty GYN office.  Our practice was designed specifically for this purpose.  Additionally, Dr. Brenner is a leading expert on the endometrial ablation procedure and has taught doctors all over the country on her best practices.  We have wonderful hospitals in Cincinnati, but they are designed to service many specialties of medicine.
  • Convenience – These are sensitive issues.  That is why we have developed an all-female staff to help you feel comfortable.  The average time in our office is usually only one hour (two at the maximum).  Our patients tell us they spend significantly more time at the hospital for this procedure.  Additionally, your family member can relax in our comfortable waiting room with coffee bar.  You can even park right at our door!
  • Cost – Let’s face it, this is important to everyone.  Generally speaking, we see a distinct difference in cost by having a procedure performed in an outpatient setting (hospital) versus an office setting.  A primary difference often lies in the charge for the use of the hospital or outpatient facility, commonly known as a facility fee.  Our agreement with your insurance carrier indicates that procedures done in our office are treated as an “office visit” and, therefore, do not incur a facility charge.  In many cases it may just involve an office visit co-pay from the patient.

Would you like to learn more about the MyFlow® procedure? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section (near the bottom) of our web page.   Email or call our office at 513.770.0787 to schedule a consultation.