Fighting Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

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Your body is made of an incredible network of systems controlled by hormones, receptors, and nerves. Everything you think, see, hear, touch, and taste plays a part in your symphony of hormones every day. So, are you living life on a high note? Learn how Amy Brenner, MD & Associates can help with our adrenal fatigue treatments in Mason! 

The 4 Pillars of Adrenal Health

At the core of your nervous system, your adrenal glands play a pivotal role in how your body functions every day. When your adrenal system is overworked, your body can malfunction in many scary ways due to high levels of the stress hormone, also known as cortisol. To regulate your cortisol levels and alleviate your adrenal fatigue, our treatments in Mason all focus on 4 key pillars.


This pillar is the most important aspect of your health because sleep directly impacts cortisol and adrenal levels. If we don’t fix your sleep, we don’t fix your cortisol. Our doctors have experienced their own sleepless nights as well. But through mindfulness exercises and our adrenal fatigue treatments in Mason, we’re able to remedy the imbalances that come with poor sleep.  


Mental and physical stress can both have the same effect on your adrenal system. This is because your body instinctively reacts to everything and everyone around you every second of the day, whether you know it or not. Any trauma on your emotions or your body can greatly affect your cortisol levels and push your adrenal system to the limit.

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Adrenal fatigue is highly likely for diabetics, alcoholics, and junk food lovers alike. That’s because your A1C levels are tied to your cortisol levels. When you tax your body with unhealthy diets, alcohol, and skipped meals, your adrenal system responds accordingly. Over time, prolonged cortisol imbalances can even make your insulin resistance worse. 


This is the most commonly compromised pillar in patients who require adrenal fatigue treatments in Mason. That’s because the root causes of excessive or prolonged inflammation are often overlooked in daily life! From obesity and leaky gut to allergies and surgeries, inflammation can lead to many concerns related to your cortisol levels. That’s why Amy Brenner, MD & Associates gets to the root of your concerns with thorough testing to optimize your cortisol levels.

Focusing on the Root Cause First

With every adrenal fatigue treatment in Mason, regulating your cortisol levels is the top priority. To measure your total and free cortisol levels, we’ll start with a 4-point salivary test. In this test, you’ll swab your cheek first thing in the morning and at 2-hour intervals throughout the rest of the day. This helps us identify your average levels throughout the day, guiding how we tailor your treatment for maximum results.

Too High Cortisol

When you experience too much cortisol, our experts describes this condition as “wiredtired.” This is the feeling you get when you’re anxious and exhausted at the same time. Typical symptoms associated with high cortisol levels are a restless mind, night sweats, blood sugar issues, low immunity, hindered thyroid and other hormone functions. Some studies suggest that extreme levels can even contribute to a higher risk of cancer!

Too Low

On the other side of the coin, if your cortisol levels are too low, you may feel like a shell of yourself. Typical symptoms of this depletion are emotional detachment, sugar or salt cravings, low sex drive, regular illnesses, and hormone imbalances. To help your body reach the homeostasis you deserve, our adrenal fatigue treatments in Mason focus on connecting your mind and body.

Connecting Mind and Body

While we recommend the most advanced adrenal fatigue treatments in Mason, our specialists also stress the importance of the connection between your mind and body. We start by recommending supplements and providing one-on-one coaching to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. With your nutrients in check, your body will be happy, but what about your mind?

This is one of the more difficult aspects of any adrenal fatigue treatment in our Mason office. While our providers are happy to talk over anything on your mind, we leave mental health to the professionals. We always recommend seeking therapy, journaling, and prioritizing mindfulness as you get a handle on your stress levels. Our staff has had our own struggles with adrenal fatigue as well! That’s why we recognize the amazing power of a balanced body and mind. 

Mastering Your Symphony of Hormones

Unfortunately, there is not a single “silver bullet” treatment for adrenal fatigue in Mason. It takes time, effort, and professional guidance to truly master the art of balancing your hormone levels. So, if you’re ready to be the maestro of your symphony, we’d like you to count us in! 

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