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MyShape® in Cincinnati, Ohio

Your Personal Treatment Plan to Weight Loss, Body Contouring, and Wellness.

MyShape® is your personal health, wellness and body composition goal and treatment plan. No two bodies are exactly alike, so they shouldn’t be treated the same. MyShape® combines body contouring procedures, weight loss & wellness programs, and Bio-Identical hormone therapy & optimization to accomplish your goals.

At Amy Brenner MD & Associates, we can create a wellness program tailored to you.

Women’s Weight Loss and wellness

Women’s weight loss and wellness in Cincinnati takes in to account the many factors that could be effecting your body. Hormone imbalance, age and genetics can all play a role in your overall wellness. Our office takes an integrative approach to your wellness to help establish success in the long term.

Men’s Weight Loss and wellness

Approaching men’s weight loss and wellness in Cincinnati may look a little different from your female counterpart, but at the end of the day we will establish the best path to wellness by ensuring your health is optimized. Testosterone imbalances, gut health or stubborn pockets of fat can be addressed through your customized MyShape program.

Controlling Multiple Factors.

If you’re suffering from unwanted body fat, inability to lose weight, or loose skin– the MyShape® program in Cincinnati is a good option for you. If you’re only looking at individual solutions, you may be missing out on the bigger picture.

Weight loss and wellness isn’t usually one size fits all treatment – this process includes treating a variety of interrelated factors that could be causing your inability to lose weight or weight gain. Read more about weight loss in our Guide To Medical Weight Loss.

Options for MyShape® Treatment

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