Your personal treatment plan to weight loss, body contouring and wellness.

MyShape® in Cincinnati OH

MyShape® is your personal health, wellness and body composition goal and treatment plan. No two bodies are exactly alike, so they shouldn’t be treated the same. MyShape® combines body contouring procedures, weight loss & wellness programs, and Bio-Identical hormone therapy & optimization to accomplish your goals.

At Amy Brenner MD & Associates, we can create a wellness program tailored to you.

controlling multiple factors

If you’re suffering from unwanted body fat, inability to lose weight, or loose skin– the MyShape® program in Cincinnati is a good option for you. If you’re only looking at individual solutions, you may be missing out on the bigger picture.

Weight loss and wellness isn’t usually one size fits all treatment – this process includes treating a variety of interrelated factors that could be causing your inability to lose weight or weight gain.

Options for MyShape® Treatment
Body Contouring Weight Loss & Wellness Hormone Optimization

Body Contouring

The body contouring section of the MyShape® program includes several options for contouring your body! Our Body Contouring specialists are experts in each treatment modality and through an individual consultation can help you decide which option is best for you.

  • CoolSculpting® – non-invasive fat reduction using controlled cooling
  • Evolve Body Remodeling – Tone muscle, tighten loose skin, and trim unwanted fat — all without an invasive procedure and with minimal downtime
  • Z Wave – cellulite treatment

Weight Loss & Wellness

Weight Loss & Wellness is an integral part of the MyShape® plan. There are many components to wellness, including maintaining a healthy weight, achieving a healthy body composition, and a healthy diet with proper supplementation to prevent nutritional deficiencies and improve health markers. We have several approaches to helping our patients achieve this level of wellness:

  • Medically supervised weight loss programs with the Ketogenic Lifestyle program, Healthy Habits Weight Loss, or the HCG Metabolic Reset Diet.
  • Wellness Coaching to help patients stay on track with their healthy eating or to address specific health issues
  • Metabolic Detoxification programs that provide support for your liver, the primary organ responsible for detoxification and fat metabolism
  • Lipo-B injections to assist you in your nutritional goals by boosting energy and stamina, and helping your body metabolize fats and carbohydrates efficiently
  • Food Sensitivity and Allergy testing with individualized treatment protocols for intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”)
  • Nutrient Deficiency testing with individualized treatment protocols
  • Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that are free of all the top allergens and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified
  • Wellness products: a variety of protein powders, protein bars and other nutritional products

Hormone Optimization

Hormone optimization is an important piece of the body composition puzzle, as a healthy body has an easier time finding its healthy weight. In our practice, we strive to balance all 5 pillars of hormones: sex steroids (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), insulin, thyroid, adrenals (cortisol and DHEA) and growth hormone. Balancing all aspects of hormones typically results in:



Advantages Include:

  • Increased Energy – mental and physical
  • Improved metabolism – to build bones, to build muscle, to lose fat
  • Improved Body Functions – sleep, relaxation and mood
  • Improved Sexual Function – enhanced libido, increased vaginal lubrication
It's simple— identify the problem areas of your body and we will recommend the right treatment plan for you.