Wave Therapy

Low intensity acoustic wave therapy to improve erections.

Wave Therapy in Cincinnati

Wave therapy is a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free solution for men to have stronger and longer erections and optimize sexual performance.

Erectile dysfunction can happen to men at any age. If you’re over 30, you’re probably not performing as well as you did in your 20s.

Why is wave therapy

Over 50% of men experience some degree of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. There are several factors that influence a man’s erection, however, in nearly half of cases of erectile dysfunction is caused by decreased blood flow due to aging blood vessels.

Some may turn to oral medications to combat erectile dysfunction and increase blood flow, but these medications only relieve symptoms temporarily. Wave Therapy in Cincinnati focuses on increasing blood flow to the penis to optimize erections, sensitivity, and sexual performance.

Procedure Details

  • Firmer erections
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Shortened recovery between sexual encounters
  • Treatment for Peyronie's Disease
Side Effects
  • No known side effects
Procedure Time
  • Allow 30-45 minutes for completion of the procedure
Recovery Time
  • No downtime, can immediately return to daily activities

How does
wave therapy work?

Wave therapy in Cincinnati uses low-frequency acoustic waves to break up the plaque in blood vessels and improve blood to flow to the penis. The acoustic waves repair aged blood vessels, stimulate growth of new blood vessels, and can break up micro-plaque within blood vessels. The resulting improved blood flow helps any man, and not just those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

Process & Results

Procedure Process

What to expect during your Wave Therapy procedure?


A patient will need 6 to 12 treatments to get the best results. Two treatments a week over a three week period is suggested for mild to moderate ED. Severe ED and Peyronie’s Disease may require up to 12 treatments over a six week period. Results can last up to 1-2 years.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 1

The Consultation

We recommend a consultation with one of our physicians prior to starting Wave Therapy. This will allow us to customize a treatment protocol that best meets your needs. In some cases the treatment plan will only encompass Wave Therapy in Cincinnati; in other cases, we may explore additional treatments to optimize results. Depending on your age and medical history, we may combine Wave Therapy with other wellness treatments, such as supplements to improve blood vessel health and blood flow, testosterone optimization, and the P-Shot®.

Step 2

Treatment Day

Throughout the treatment, acoustical waves are applied to different areas of the penis. This stimulates the creation of new blood vessels in the cavernous bodies and improves blood flow in the penis. Wave therapy is a very comfortable procedure, all you will feel is a mild pulsing sensation.

Step 3

What can I Expect after the procedure?

  • No downtime, can immediately return to daily activities
  • 75% men experience positive results post treatment.*
  • Some men may experience a spontaneous erection within 24 hours.*

*Results vary based on a patient’s medical condition and age and may take a few months to obtain

Additional Information
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What is Wave Therapy?

It is a non-invasive, proven protocol for men that improves sexual performance and keeps the penis healthy.

How Does Wave Therapy Work?

Wave Therapy works by using high-frequency acoustic waves to open existing blood vessels in the penis, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and eliminate micro-plaque. The result is increased blood in the penis resulting in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections.

What are the Potential Benefits?

* Enhances Erections * Improves Sexual Performance * Increases Sensation in the Penis * More Spontaneous Erections * Better Orgasms

What are the Potential Side Effects?

There are little or no known side effects.

How is this Different than the P-Shot® / PRP?

View the brief video under VIDEOS in this section for a detailed explanation.

Are Other Treatments Recommended?

See the brief video under VIDEOS in this section for a detailed explanation of other potential treatments that may be used in conjunction with Wave Therapy, if needed.

Do I need to take Erectile Dysfunction medications (like Viagra) if I have the treatment?

Each patient response will be unique. Depending on the degree of erectile dysfunction, some men will find it unnecessary to utilize medication, other men will still chose to take medication, either before intercourse or on a daily basis.

How Many Treatments are Required?

Depending on your goals, anywhere from 6 – 12 treatments. We also have a preventative maintenance and performance program to maintain results and optimize performance.

What is the Science / Clinical Research Behind it?

There have been multiple studies that verify the effectiveness of Wave Therapy. Explore links to the clinical studies under RESOURCES in this section,

Am I a good candidate?

Any man looking to improve the strength of his erections and quality of his sexual performance is a candidate. Men who have severe ED will often require more treatment sessions, often in combination with other hormone replacement, the P shot, and/or medication.

Do I need to have Erectile Dysfunction to benefit from Wave Therapy?

No, any man looking for improved erectile quality and sexual performance can benefit from Wave Therapy.

It's simple— identify the problem areas of your body and we will recommend the right treatment plan for you.