Ask a Sexual Health Doctor in Cincinnati: Men’s Sexual Health FAQs

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It’s always important for you to take your sexual health just as seriously as any other aspect of health.

At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, we get a lot of questions regarding men’s sexual health, which we are always more than happy to help with! Read on to learn our sexual health doctors’ answers to the most frequently asked questions from male patients. 

What is sexual health?

Sexual health isn’t just a topic you learned in middle school sex-ed; it’s a state of well-being that allows men to enjoy sex and perform as best as they can. 
Someone with great sexual health:

  1. Has a desire to have sex
  2. Can get and maintain an erection
  3. Reaches an orgasm and ejaculates properly

The thing many men don’t realize is that sexual health isn’t just physical. It requires you to be healthy mentally and socially as well. 

Why is sexual health important?

Think about it. If sexual health encompasses your physical, mental, and social well-being, doesn’t that mean it’s something you should take seriously? Poor sexual health can seep into your daily life, and can even affect your happiness and overall outlook on life. 

What are common sexual dysfunctions for men?

Common sexual dysfunctions for men include: 

All three can be caused by both psychological and physical factors. For instance, stress and performance anxiety can affect your ability to get and maintain an erection just like age can. 

Why has my libido gone down?

The reason for a decreased sex drive can come from a variety reasons, so the answer really depends on the person. For many men, low testosterone levels negatively impact libido. You may also have a strain in your intimate relationships that take away your desire to have sex. 

Does testosterone hormone therapy really work?

Yes! Our doctors at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates have been using testosterone optimization to effectively replenish testosterone levels. Depending on your specific needs, you can get injections, pellet therapy, or use a daily cream. 

Can erectile dysfunction be fixed without pills?

Erectile dysfunction can be fixed without pills! There are two great, minimally invasive options that many men turn to instead of pills for longer lasting results. 

  1. P-Shot®: The P-Shot® uses platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate the penis and promote blood flow. 

How the P-Shot® Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction →

  1. Wave Therapy: Wave therapy is designed to give you stronger, longer-lasting erections to strengthen your sexual performance. 

When should I visit a sexual health doctor in Cincinnati?

You should visit a sexual health doctor anytime you want! It’s never too late to improve your sexual health. Our team of doctors at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates specialize in men’s sexual health, and we will customize a plan that will help relieve sexual dysfunctions to get you back to enjoying sex.

When you choose our expert team, you can join our many other patients who experience:

  • Boosts in confidence
  • Better sex life
  • Overall wellness improvement
  • Increased libido

What other questions do you have about men’s sexual health?

We’re always here to answer your men’s sexual health questions. To get started, contact us or use our virtual consultation tool to get you one step closer to finding the perfect sexual health treatment. 
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