Women’s Weight Loss: How Is It Different?

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Weight loss can be difficult for anyone, but it’s even tougher for women to lose a significant amount of weight than men. 

So why is this? Well, there’s no one reason; there are several factors that go into women’s weight loss. The medical professionals at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates explain these factors below.


Just like hormones affect so many other aspects of our health, it’s no surprise they affect muscle mass and body fat as well. Particularly for women, it’s thought that hormones and fertility are main factors for why it can be harder for women to lose weight than men.

Essentially, hormones regulate women’s bodies that also affect fertility. This regulation’s goal is to maintain fertility, and the amount of body fat can affect this. (Just like someone with too little body fat may stop having a menstrual cycle.) Basically, women can struggle to lose weight because the body is working to maintain the ability to reproduce. 

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Food preferences and psychosocial factors

Two other weight factors that can differ between men and women are food preferences and psychosocial factors. 

Much of the time ( not always), women change their diet to lose weight by eating more fruits and vegetables, and men eat more meat to gain muscle. Men also need more calories to survive because they typically have more body mass, so it may not be as easy for a woman to lose weight eating the same type of meat-heavy diet a man may choose. 

Psychosocial factors like discourse on dieting and exercise may affect how men and women approach weight loss differently, too. 

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Overall, it’s important to understand that no matter your gender, your body’s ability to achieve weight loss depends on your individual health, goals, and body. 

Our experienced coaches will guide you through the process and ensure we meet and exceed your needs for transformative results and weight loss programs tailored to your needs. No matter what, we will stick with you throughout your entire journey because your goals are our goals. 

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