Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss: How It Works

woman running outside after hormone therapy for weight loss in Cincinnati

Unexplained weight gain is one of the primary symptoms for many hormone therapy patients. Let’s explore how hormone therapy for weight loss can help you get back to your ideal weight and improve your overall wellness.

Hormone therapy for weight loss

A lot of our patients want to combine hormone therapy with weight loss. Hormone therapy can encourage weight loss for a variety of reasons.

Many people experience more energy, increased muscle mass, and exercise tolerance, making it easier for some hormone therapy patients to lose weight. Our hormone doctors in Cincinnati can also combine your therapy with peptide therapy to optimize your body composition, sexual health, and overall well-being. 

Our other weight loss programs

We can combine hormone therapy for weight loss with one of our other weight loss program offerings for eligible candidates.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits Weight Loss is a medically supervised program that combines prescription medicine, peptide therapy, and a balanced diet while focusing on teaching you healthy habits for life. 

AB Modern Warrior Semaglutide weight loss

For those with a packed, busy schedule, the AB Modern Warrior is a fantastic option for a physician-supervised weight loss and exercise program. 

This program combines:

  • Semaglutide Peptide therapy 
  • Prescription peptides to curb your appetite
  • Balanced diet food education
  • Options for healthy takeout
  • Comprehensive exercise guide 

Wellness Coaching

Our health and wellness coaches provide support and guidance and also help you set realistic goals and sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve sustainable weight loss.

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