Feel Your Best with Body Contouring in Cincinnati, OH

Woman in underwear and smiling after body contouring in Cincinnati OH

Do you have stubborn pockets of fat that no diet or exercise routine seems to help? We know how frustrating this can be and the toll it takes on your self-confidence. Fortunately, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments can help you get rid of stubborn fat for good. 

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates offers advanced and effective body contouring in Cincinnati. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, skin care specialists, and wellness coaches work together on customized treatment plans to help you feel your best. 

If you’re ready to feel amazing in your tank tops or swimsuit this summer, keep reading to learn more about body contouring in Cincinnati, OH. 

What is body contouring? 

Body contouring (or “body sculpting”) refers to treatments that change the shape of your body. This includes surgical procedures (like liposuction) or non-surgical procedures (like CoolSculpting) that can help you achieve the perfect look. 

Amy Brenner MD & Associates specializes in non-surgical treatments to eliminate stubborn fat, smooth out cellulite, and tone your muscles. Let’s talk about some of our favorite body sculpting treatments! 


If you’re looking for the best non-surgical body sculpting in Cincinnati, you can find it at Amy Brenner MD & Associates. We offer Coolsculpting, an effective treatment that freezes unwanted fat cells beneath the skin. You’ll love the results of this quick and easy treatment! 

Evolve® Trim, Tite, and Tone

This treatment combines radiofrequency, heat energy, and muscle stimulation to eliminate fat, tighten loose skin, and build muscle. This powerful treatment can be customized to fit your needs and goals. Evolve is a patient favorite—no downtime and no pain involved! 


MyShape is a comprehensive program that combines medical weight loss, body contouring, and wellness programs to help you achieve your ideal look. Some patients will need to lose weight before body sculpting, but MyShape is here to help! 

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We always work hard to create a personalized treatment plan for your needs. As a medspa and medical practice in Mason, Ohio, we have the unique ability to boost your overall health and enhance your outer beauty with aesthetic treatments. 

We offer a warm, friendly environment while providing the highest quality treatments and wellness plans to help you look great and feel great. If you are ready to learn more about our body contouring treatment plans in Cincinnati, schedule a consultation or try our virtual consultation tool