Professional Supplement Recommendations in Cincinnati

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Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, we don’t always get the nutrients our body needs to feel its best. Supplements are a powerful tool to help fill these gaps and fuel your body for peak performance. 

Whether your goal is to strengthen your immune system, aid in digestion, or enhance your overall well-being, dietary supplements can offer the support you need. 

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is a wellness clinic in Cincinnati dedicated to helping you live a healthier and happier life. In this blog, our providers will discuss the benefits of taking supplements, our favorite supplements to recommend, and how testing can help determine the right supplement for you. 

What Are Supplements? 

We’ve all heard of supplements, but what exactly are they?

Supplements complement our regular diets with the essential substances our bodies need. Supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet and do not replace whole foods or complete meals. 

Common Types of Supplements 

There are many supplements available, and each serves a different purpose. Supplements can include: 

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Herbal supplements
  • Amino acids
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Probiotics

Supplements come in several forms, including:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Gummies

The Purpose of Supplements

If you want to optimize your health and wellness, supplements serve two primary purposes: to fill in nutritional gaps and to support specific health goals. 

Filling in Nutritional Gaps

The typical American diet lacks many of the nutrients our bodies need. With high amounts of processed foods, added sugars, sodium, and saturated fat, we frequently miss out on essential nutrients. 

Supplements deliver these crucial nutrients in a convenient and reliable way. You don’t have to worry about complex meal planning to hit all your vitamins and minerals each day—you can simply sustain a healthy diet, and your supplements will fill in the missing gaps. 

Supplements are also incredibly beneficial for individuals with dietary restrictions that limit their food choices. Getting the necessary nutrients from food alone can be a near-impossible task if you are vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten-free, or have food allergies. Fortunately, supplements can help you get the nutrients your body needs. 

Supporting Specific Health Goals 

With a customized treatment plan, supplements can help you reach your individual health goals. Targeted nutrients can assist your body with:

  • Immune support
  • Heart health
  • Digestive health
  • Sexual health
  • Stress support
  • Weight management
  • Men and women’s health
  • Regulating sleep patterns

It’s always important to talk with your doctor before starting a supplement in Cincinnati (especially when you’re trying to address a specific health goal). Supplements are not a cure-all for any health condition—they are designed to assist your body’s functioning. 

Supplement Recommendations

In Cincinnati, patients often ask us for supplement recommendations. While we definitely have our favorites, the best supplement for you will depend on your unique health needs and goals. 

If you’re looking for the perfect supplement in Cincinnati for you, schedule a free supplement consultation with our providers today. 

Now, let’s discuss some of our most recommended supplements!

The Best Supplements for Overall Health 

If you want to improve your overall health and wellness, there are 4 essential supplements that everyone needs:

1. AB Probiotic

Probiotics are necessary to support intestinal function and a healthy immune system. AB Probiotic helps to:

  • Promotes probiotic growth and diversity
  • Provide antioxidant protection for improved gut barrier function
  • Enhance immunity
  • Strengthen the mucosal barrier
  • Support gastrointestinal comfort and function

2. AB Omega

Omega 3’s are necessary for optimal health, but they’re not something that your body can produce on its own. You must get Omega 3’s from your diet or supplementation. AB Omega can help to:

  • Support heart health and blood sugar metabolism
  • Support cognitive function and development
  • Support healthy skin, joints, and connective tissues
  • Increase visual health
  • Maintain normal inflammatory balance

3. Multivitamin

Most people have significant nutrient deficiencies in their diet—even if they make healthy food choices. Multivitamins can help fill in these gaps. We recommend:

PureGenomics Multivitamin

This multivitamin provides highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

AB MitoBoost

We use AB MitoBoost to:

  • Recharge cellular energy production
  • Support immune function
  • Increase antioxidant protection
  • Support detoxification capacity

4. AB D3 Daily

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that supports calcium absorption, bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. We recommend AB D3 Daily to help:

  • Maintain bone health
  • Increase calcium absorption and balance
  • Boost immune activity
  • Support cardiometabolic health, blood sugar balance, and weight loss
  • Increase musculoskeletal strength and comfort

The Best Supplement for Nutrient Deficiencies 

Most people do not have sufficient levels of vitamin D. Insufficient levels of vitamin D3 can result in serious health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, and more. 

Because of this, vitamin D is our #1 supplement in Cincinnati for nutrient deficiency. We offer daily capsules, weekly capsules (for short-term use), and capsules with D3 and vitamin K

The Best Supplements for Weight Management

Keeping your weight under control is crucial to your health. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, supplements can help support weight management. 

We often recommend the following supports to help patients lose weight or maintain weight loss: 

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The Best Supplements for a Healthy Immune System 

As we approach cold and flu season, everyone could benefit from supplements to boost the immune system. A healthy immune system can help protect you from illness and improve your long-term health. 

We recommend the following supplements to support a healthy immune system: 

Along with supplements, there are also natural ways to boost your immune system and give your body the best chance at staying healthy. 

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The Best Supplements for Heart Health

If you are looking for additional ways to support your heart health, supplements (along with a heart-healthy diet and regular exercise) can help improve your cardiovascular health. 

Our favorite supplements for heart health include: 

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The Best Supplements for Gut Health

Gut health is central to your overall health. Whether you’re suffering from bloating, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation, supplements can help support a healthy microbiome. 

Depending on the needs of your GI system, we might recommend one or more of the following supplements: 

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The Best Supplements for Sleep 

Most people don’t get adequate sleep for their bodies to function properly. Sleep deficiency is associated with many chronic health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke, obesity, and even depression. 

If you have difficulty sleeping, a supplement can help support a regular sleep cycle. In Cincinnati, our favorite supplements for sleep are: 

The Best Supplements by Gender

Men and women need different nutrients to support their overall health. 

Our top supplement recommendations for women are:

Our favorite supplement for men in Cincinnati is: 

Testing for Supplements

At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, our providers can offer general supplement recommendations without the need for testing. However, if you want targeted supplements to improve specific aspects of your health, testing can determine exactly what your body needs (and how much of it you need).

Blood Draw

A blood draw isn’t necessary to start supplements, but it does offer valuable information about your health. Using these lab values, we can determine your current nutrient levels and make better recommendations for your supplement dosage. This is helpful for any typical nutrient deficiency, such as: 

  • Vitamin D
  • B12
  • Iron

Stool Test

Stool testing is an at-home test that gives us valuable information about the health of your gut. Stool testing is beneficial for supplement recommendation in Cincinnati because it can tell us which probiotic or prebiotic your GI system needs. Besides these suggestions, a stool test will analyze your gut health, allowing us to recommend additional supplements for a healthier microbiome.

Learn more about GI Map stool testing in Cincinnati

Cortisol Testing

Cortisol (also known as the “stress hormone”) is an important hormone to look at when we’re talking about stress and sleep. Cortisol testing is an at-home saliva test you complete 4 times throughout a 24 hour period. This gives us an accurate picture of your cortisol levels and how they might fluctuate throughout the day. 

Cortisol testing is helpful to determine the best supplements to support your adrenals and sleep. 

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