Talking With an ED Doctor

Some of the hardest conversations some guys will ever have are about getting hard. Growing up, you likely had “the talk,” but if you’re struggling with ED, you may be having much different talks with your partner. 

To get to the root of your concerns, it just takes a chat at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates! Talking really helps, but sometimes it’s difficult to get the ball rolling. Here are a few phrases that spark conversations with our erectile dysfunction doctor near Hyde Park, Dr. Amy Brenner.

“My life feels out of control.”

Being honest with your erectile dysfunction doctor is crucial to getting to the root of your concerns. That’s why opening up like this is a huge step! In our consultations, we don’t just talk about the physical aspects of your concerns. We also address the emotional and mental aspects and how your worries are impacting you and those close to you. 

Poor sleep, depression, and even diet can have many effects on the body, including erectile dysfunction. If you’re tired, irritable, and you can’t seem to maintain or achieve an erection, it’s perfectly normal to feel like your life’s out of control! Our sexual health methods are all about helping guys get back on track, the natural way.

“I’m embarrassed to talk about it.”

Are you embarrassed to talk about your teeth with your dentist? While erectile dysfunction is a hard subject for many guys, it’s often best to approach your ED like any other part of your health. You wouldn’t just ignore an impacted tooth because you haven’t flossed in a while! Why treat your sexual health differently? When you need help, our caring, professional erectile dysfunction doctor near Hyde Park is ready to walk you through every option.

“How can you help?”

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates has many options to help with everyday concerns surrounding aesthetics, wellness, and sexual health. Each of our solutions has been curated to provide the most impactful results for our patients as possible. We offer 3 very different approaches to ED treatment, all of which we’ll help you consider in a consultation. To learn all about our offerings, read our in-depth guide!

Our Ultimate Guide to ED Treatments

“What makes you the best?”

Dr. Brenner has dedicated decades of her life to understanding the ins and outs of every transformative treatment we offer. In addition to her extensive professional expertise, Amy’s personal experience makes our practice the powerhouse it is today. An equal focus on results and relationships is why she’s one of the most trusted erectile dysfunction doctors near Hyde Park.

“[our practice] is a place to feel safe and comfortable, be open and honest, and receive information and exceptional care. I welcome you to my home, away from home.”

  • Amy Brenner, MD

What do you have to lose?

Now, it’s time for us to ask you a question! If you’re living with erectile dysfunction, it’s time to talk to the professionals who are driven to make a difference for you. Get your life back by scheduling your in-person appointment in a couple clicks or starting your virtual consultation right now!

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