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If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, you may have tried some crazy tricks to get your mojo back! As a trusted erectile dysfunction clinic near Beckett Ridge, Amy Brenner, MD & Associates has heard of some wild ones. But we firmly believe that true, lasting results come from professional care, not an ad on the internet. Here’s why you should put down the blue pills and talk with our ED clinic instead:

Starting With Understanding

Our process starts with an in-depth chat to get to know you as a person. To discover the causes of your concerns, we’ll discuss things like your medical history, family traits, and current medications. We’ll also talk about what makes you unique! What are your goals? What’s your week at work looking like? How are your kids? Believe it or not, these are all crucial questions for determining your ideal ED treatment.

Treating You Right

Through your consultation, our providers will share your ideal option based on things like stress levels, lifestyle, and the extent of your concerns. Our office also includes an comprehensive SHIM evaluation to guide your treatment plan. We strive to keep every treatment as comfortable and effective as possible. That’s why our ED clinic near Beckett Ridge offers these minimally invasive options:

Multiple Options

We’ll help you choose between Himtensity Wave Therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, and the P-Shot, or a mix of all 3! Our flexible treatment options help more men experience exceptional results. Your biology is completely unique, so your treatment plan should be as well! Get to know all of our powerful solutions with our helpful guide.

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Highly Trained Specialists

Dr. Amy Brenner and her team of specialists are dedicated to helping people look and feel their best every day. Their professional expertise and personal passion make us one of the most trusted ED clinics near Beckett Ridge. Getting the conversation started isn’t always easy, though. Learn how to talk to a specialist about your concerns with our related read.

Talking With an ED Doctor 

Your Search Is Over

It’s time to turn off that search engine and tune into your sexual health with our ED clinic near Beckett Ridge! Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is here to help you live a fuller, happier life from the bedroom to the boardroom. Schedule your in person appointment or start your virtual consultation right now!

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